My Theater

I started on this obscenely expensive journey some 12 months ago when I planned my new home theater in the newly finished basement. Here is what I have installed so far:

1. Sharp 9000 DLP
2. Sherbourn 5/1500 and 2/600 amps
3. Lexicon MC-12B
4. Sony SACD/DVD
5. Stewart Grathawk screen: 86" diagonal
6. Better Cables XLR interconects
7. Thiel powerpoint surrounds
8. NHT VT-1 L/R and VT-1C Center
9. NHT SW2p sub

I originally planned to get a rear projection tv, but was absolutely blown away by the Sharp DLP. The theater is the gathering place for family movie nights and all the big sporting events. What a great quality of life choice! My advice: if you can stretch for RP, do it!

Alas, this decision, and my choice of the big Lexicon has trimmed my spaker funds, so I am still using the Old NHT's I purchased in 1994. My plan was to get ML Odysseys, but the the above choices have slowed that process.

The lexicon Logic 7 is spectacular, but I think I might have been better off to keep my MC-1 and purchased the Logans. I think those who say the biggest bang for the buck are correct.

The Thiels make incredible surrounds. I am extremely happy with this choice and much prefer them to out of phase atmosphere bipolar surrounds.

All in all, this has been a very satisfying setup, but I really want to get the Logans!!!
Do you mean to say "FP" instead of RP? Since you're using a Greyhawk, I assume you have a front projection set up. I'm lusting after the Sharp myself, but may have to settle for the Plus Piano for now.
Yes! By all means, I meant Front Projector! Size does matter...
Glad to hear your reaction to the Thiel Powerpoints. I have Thiel 2.3s and an MCS1 center channel, and would love to add the Powerpoints someday.