My testing confirms the record companies are putting frequencies into the music.

Sam here and with all my work with frequencies and testing for them i realize the record companies have been encoding the music we listen to with negative frequencies to make us angry and depressed and sick and they have been doing it for decades. lf you use software to re-encode the audio with the volume reduced to zero all the frequencies from the music will be gone. And if you play back the audio you will here nothing however if during playback you turn the volume down to zero you can measure to see if there are any other frequencies that have been encoded into the audio that are not apart of the music itself and what those frequencies are. The number 1 frequency i have found encoded onto commercial music is 911 hertz.l have no clue what the purpose of encoding that frequency onto audio is however i have checked both digital and remastered vinyl and it is on 75% or more of the commercial source material i have checked. l’m now in the process off testing how far back this goes and will update. A web search reveals nothing about the 911 hertz frequency however when i encode a positive frequency like 33 hz and then re-test the 911hz frequency is 100% replaced by the new frequency. Listening to any audio frequency for an extended period of time above 33Hz causes nervousness, panic, and anxiety. Practitioners claim that 528Hz is an Alpha frequency when in fact Alpha (and omega) frequencies range from 13Hz to 32Hz. This is an attack on the very people who are seeking to improve their minds.
This is your best one yet!
I especially like how you worked 911 into it.
thecarpathian still thinks i'm a shill perhaps that helps you sleep better at night knowing this stuff is all science fiction however this is more real than you will ever want to know now i have no clue as to what the 911 frequency is about however a dial tone is 440hz + 350hz which proves that 440hz standard tuning is negative and dangerous
When you take a break from recording the frequencies of vegetables and stuffing notebook paper in lamp sockets, consider looking up the word ’shill’.
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consider looking up the word ’shill’.
How can you assume that Sam can comprehend meaning when he can only scribe gibberish?
Before jumping on sam consider looking into the "432 vs 440 conspiracy theory".

What an amazing discovery.

I'm chakra'd that we are just hearing about this now.

It has to be exhausting being a full fledged genius.
Best advice: start listening to classical music!!  It has none of those noxious frequencies encoded, and you will feel calm and uplifted afterwards.
I think he should team up with kenjit. least not in Darnold's situation, though...

But then, The Chump wouldn't have tried to warn us, either....

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I give up.
What is the meaning behind it?
911, 912...whatever it takes
It's actually low level noise coming from leafblowers outside the studios.