My System any comment's?

Focal Electra 1037BE's,CC1000BE,SR1000BE. / Classe' SSP-800,/ Classe' CA-5300./ JL Audio F113./ Pioneer Elite Pro-141FD. / Cambridge Audio azur 752BD. / Monster HTPS7000. / MIT HD38's (speaker) / MIT HD23's (interconnects)/ Nordost Blue Heaven (interconnect's for rear ch's) / Shunyata Python (for ssp-800) / Pangea 9SE (for ca-5300) / Pangea 9E (for f113) / Nordost Silver Screen HDMI's / Shunyata Venom 3s (for Cambridge Audio and Cable Box) / Cardas Clear Sky (interconnect for f113).

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You should take pics, do a short (or not so short) write-up about it, and post in the member's system area.