My System any comment's?

Focal Electra 1037BE's,CC1000BE,SR1000BE. / Classe' SSP-800,/ Classe' CA-5300./ JL Audio F113./ Pioneer Elite Pro-141FD. / Cambridge Audio azur 752BD. / Monster HTPS7000. / MIT HD38's (speaker) / MIT HD23's (interconnects)/ Nordost Blue Heaven (interconnect's for rear ch's) / Shunyata Python (for ssp-800) / Pangea 9SE (for ca-5300) / Pangea 9E (for f113) / Nordost Silver Screen HDMI's / Shunyata Venom 3s (for Cambridge Audio and Cable Box) / Cardas Clear Sky (interconnect for f113).
If you're happy, be grateful.
What advice are you asking for? Are you satisfied with the sound, if so as said don't look for problems "nervosa?"
You should take pics, do a short (or not so short) write-up about it, and post in the member's system area.
Ya. It looks like you can relax put your feet up on a stool and listen to some tunes man. If you collect anything else let us know. It is nice to see you are not missing out.
Yep yep...If you're happy, be greatful. You can always switch out one component at a time if you wish to experiment try different recipies.
Beyond that, I know nothing of your room setup or acoustics, which matter with your speaker choices. Other than that. if it's good to you, happy