My system acts weird

My system is Audio Aero Capitole, Yba Passion integrated and Harbeth sHl5 speakers, kubala fascination interconnects and kubala expression speaker cables.
I have noticed that most of the time it sounds just ok.(not like it should) sometimes it sounds just plain horrible and sometimes it sounds just right. The sound can improve dramatically for a period of a few minutes and then collapse again. The best performance was during the long weekend - the music was just flowing, lovely and involving. I assume that it could be the power(I live in an old condo building). To rule out the cdp and amp problem I used borrowed CDP and AMP for a while and all the time problem still existed.
So I bought a line conditioner "Sound Application". Even though it does make a difference it did not resolve the problem.
The symptoms of a "bad sound day" are:
base is all over the place-boomy and overwhelming
Soundstage is flat and not well defined.
Entire presentation is just not enjoyable.
I consider buying a re-generator and so far it's ether PS audio Premier or APS PurePower.
If any of you had a similar problem please do share your solution.
Sounds like voltage fluctuation, get a meter and measure before buying AC treatment.
I agree with Rx8man. I demoed a PS Audio P 300 "regenerator".
All it did was change the frequency of my audible problem.
I'm now using a BPT & Platinum Power line conditioners.
Problem resolved, for me.
I use an APS PurePower 700 for all my sources and pre/pro. It makes a huge improvement in my system, and living in florida I need help with power! Even dedicated lines vary significantly during peak times of the day and the APS smoothes all that out to perfect 120v 60 Hz power.....
I would try another amplifier to see if the sound stabilizes. You may have a problem with the feed back circuit in your amp.
Thank you all for the help! I did try another amp (audio analogue Puccini) and it acted the same way as YBA.
I even called to the YBA distributor (Montreal,Canada) and asked what they think about this problem. They were very helpful but again this did not help.
Then I bought a digital volt meter and the voltage is about 121-122 and does not fluctuate too much- 0.2 + - on a good or a bad day. The weirdest part is this: sometimes my wife and I can both pinpoint the moment when the sound goes "wow" - it becomes open and a little louder, vivid and controlled and then it's over.
I probably have to mention that about 2 months ago I installed Furutech fuses on both units and it did changed the presentation for a while.
I've contacted the APS about their regenerator and it seems that they have a pretty good return policy. Also they recommend the same model as Kennyt uses(APS PurePower 700).
I ones heard that frequency fluctuation can affect a CDP digital clock and therefore the entire presentation.
Any ideas are welcome!
Please help.
Does your system sound better late in the evening or in the early morning hours when most others in your area or building are asleep?
What other appliances are on the same circuit as your audio gear?
Avialuf, how many measurements did you take and for how long ? Did you check the line voltage when the sound was bad ? A quick check here and there may not provide the whole picture. The best way of checking longterm voltage stability, is to use a datalogging meter (digital multimeter with PC interface) and software. It can be left connected to the AC for about 24 hours and logs power quality for that period. Unfortunately those can be quite expensive. I have one that I bought from Radio Shack many years ago, when they sold pretty decent meters.
Do you leave the entire system powered up 24/7?
Thank you all for the replies.
Lak-yes it sounds better in the early morning and during weekends. There are tv,dvd,modem,computer and router on the same fuse (unfortunately I can't remove them, at least not now) but they are not plugged into the conditioner or the same outlet. Also the same appliances connected on "good" days too so I would assume they are out of the accusation.
Gbart -good comment but those meters are very expensive.
I measured the voltage during good and bad days for a few minutes and it's always about the same.
Onhwy61 - yes it's on 24/7.
This ordeal made me listen my system less and less now - it's really upsetting after all the money spent and all the effort to enjoy it only on those "good" days. What I think really affect the system is the "air-conditioning" season - there are a lot of old clunkers in the building and I can hear them working 24/7.
I think the problem might be due to the power (AC) being supplied to your "old condo building" and all the other items from neighbors that are running and polluting the AC. I've never had this happen to me personally because I live in a newer development in my home. I have read of similar situations over the years that sounds like what you are describing. I'm uncertain as to what the solution is. A different way to clean the AC would be with a used isolation transformer (see my power filtration picture in my system). I have a friend that solved his AC problem in his apartment by plugging in an isolation transformer to the AC wall outlet (he wired it for that) and he installed a high quality AC outlet on the other end of the isolation transformer that he plugged his system into. I don't know if that would help any better than what you are currently using.
Have you lived there long enough to know if the problem is seasonal? If yes, and the problem is summer, than utility use by neighbors may be the culprit.

My voltage goes from a low of about 115 during the heat of the day to 118 / 119 very late.
Living in a condo where you lack flexibility with improving your power your best bet is to try the APS, and or the PS Premier. I have had both, and preferred the APS 700 but did not keep it. Both of these devices are most likely system dependent like all other components. Based on the feedback, for some, these units have worked very well, just not for everyone.
Thank you all! I appreciate your help.
Lak - I have one of those isolation transformer and it produces too much of its' own noise. I had to put it in a wooden box to silence it.I used to used it for my turntable set up and I tried to use it with CDP with not much of success.
Magfan- I bought this place less then 2 years ago and only put my system together a few months ago.
Foster_9 - can you please elaborate on your experience with APS and PS Premier? Why did you prefer APS 700 and why didn't you keep it?
This was a couple years ago but the APS back up battery began to lose its charge, but in APS' defense they were very good about responding and taking care of customer service-related issues, including replacement and refund. The Premier decreased the dynamics and rolled the upper end in my system. I liked the APS better because my system did not seem to sufffer dynamic loss near as much as with the Premier.
Turn your amps off and let them totally dischange for at least 2 hours or so. Then turn the amp and pre back on and let it warm up. See how it sounds then.
Doesn't a loud/buzzing iso trans indicate DC?
Thank you all for the help!
Foster_9 -Thank you for the info. Was there anything that you did not like about APS?
The problem was something I wouldn't even think of - the fuse box. It took me completely by surprise to learn that the contacts were somewhat burned so there was a layer of black crust acting like a semi-conductor. Ones I noticed that lights were occasionally dimming I decided to check the fuse box. I cleaned the contacts, the lights are bright again... And what about the music? Wow, can you believe it? Voila!
That was it! It's like I upgraded my system - it was not just better - It was great. Thank you everyone who tried to help.
Avialuf good for you. and Happy listening...