My swarm sub system is in The Absolute Sound !!

Pg30.  Kinda cool, opening up the magazine and seeing something that is in your listening room.  The pics are real dark in the magazine but I added a few in my virtual system. Check it out!!  
So much thought and money put into cables and not a dollar spent on room treatments...  :-\
"... and not a dollar spent on room treatments... :- "

A distributed multi-sub system is more effective at smoothing the in-room bass than extensive and expensive bass trapping, according to acoustician Matthew Poes:

Start at 37:24 and listen until 38:08.

Congratulations on your system being published, and thanks for the post, Benzman!!

Manufacturer of the Swarm, recipient of a Product of the Year award in 2015 and multiple Editor's Choice and Golden Ear awards since then, most recently a Golden Ear in 2021.
Yes, room treatment for bass is ineffective. The best passive road to the best bass is an intelligently designed room. 

Hey Duke, nothing like free advertising. Certainly there must be a good word of mouth network by now. How has your business done during the pandemic? (really none of my business, just wondering)