My swarm sub system is in The Absolute Sound !!

Pg30.  Kinda cool, opening up the magazine and seeing something that is in your listening room.  The pics are real dark in the magazine but I added a few in my virtual system. Check it out!!  
So much thought and money put into cables and not a dollar spent on room treatments...  :-\
"... and not a dollar spent on room treatments... :- "

A distributed multi-sub system is more effective at smoothing the in-room bass than extensive and expensive bass trapping, according to acoustician Matthew Poes:

Start at 37:24 and listen until 38:08.

Congratulations on your system being published, and thanks for the post, Benzman!!

Manufacturer of the Swarm, recipient of a Product of the Year award in 2015 and multiple Editor's Choice and Golden Ear awards since then, most recently a Golden Ear in 2021.
Yes, room treatment for bass is ineffective. The best passive road to the best bass is an intelligently designed room. 

Hey Duke, nothing like free advertising. Certainly there must be a good word of mouth network by now. How has your business done during the pandemic? (really none of my business, just wondering)
Thanks for the comments. Duke’s finisher does a beautiful job. They really are like furniture. I have had them up and running for a year and still tweaking. After installing the Townshend Podiums the bass of the Personas changed considerably ( for the better) . I really need to learn REW. I have the mike and the laptop it’s just all the rest:). As of can see the room is not really dedicated as it was an attached garage. More of a gathering, fun room with audio in mind. Really quiet at 30 db and the Podiums allow you to hear every nuance. I would like to something on the front wall on either side of the tv. The room,like our systems take a while to tweak. The wife is pretty cool about everything but it’s still has to blend. The journey continues!!
 ‘Yes, room treatment for bass is ineffective. The best passive road to the best bass is an intelligently designed room ‘

I tried to follow the Golden ratio when building out the room and knew treatments all over would not go over well, so the swarm is basically my room treatment. I am sure the tile on the fireplace isn’t helping much but that baby heats the room efficiently.  As you can see from the pic I also have a mini-spit system so no ductwork.  Triple pane door wall also helps with the noise.  Really a great sounding room without going to extremes. 
Beautiful room with impressive attention to detail: design, aesthetics, construction.

Inclusion in The Absolute Sound is well deserved.

@audiokinesis belongs in the Audiogon Hall of Fame. Duke has provided so much free, detailed advice in the forums and privately that it’s wonderful to see him receive kudos for his Swarm subwoofer system.
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You have a  comfortable looking A/V rooms-no acoustic panels/diffusors, tweaky contraptions to muck up the aesthetic.

The most difficult accomplishment-great SQ AND inviting, comfortable looking room. A couple of palms or other house tree plants would finish the clean look of your place. Go silk for no maintenance.

Well done!
@benzman- if it is your actual system that shows up in TAS you might think about getting them to make a print and signing it as a memento for your wall. (I did that with a car that was featured in R&T).
Very light, open, airy aesthetic. Must be a nice environment to listen and relax.  Congrats.
Bill Hart
Just a pic of the subs as AudioKinesis  received the Golden Ear award from Robert E. Greene. 

I am going to move a few subs around as I installed 8 inwall jacks to move them in different positions. The room is all prewired for a Dolby Atmos system but I am not sure I can take all the speakers in the walls and ceilings. 
congrats Duke - yes my great hope is you are thriving during these crazy times. Absolute Sound honors certainly deserved.

OP as many others have said, a lovely room. You should get busy w REW. I use Studio Six running on ipad and a calibrated mic to test the room above 100 hz. My RT60 in the condo system is .65, nearly control room perfect with just natural treatments. have fun, enjoy the journey. Good on ya for using golden ratio, right there you are in the advanced class….
I saw a nice room, whiskey bar, outdoor deck next to water, back of the house, outdoor serving area and seating, a far away view of the system but NO SUB woofers. 

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I hope others see your system photos here.

That's a big step up from a basement man cave, a wonderfully comfortable looking living/listening/viewing space, congrats.
2 subs are in the rear of the room behind chars. Like I mentioned I going to do a little re-configuration. The room changes with the season as plants come in for the winter and we are adding pieces for decorating. Little give and take. The sweet spot sounds fantastic as I pitch the ottoman and take down the big pic on the wall for serious listening/testing.  
Beautiful room (and house)!

+1 on Duke's generosity and ingenuity.  The swarm does amazing things in bass management, and is the only thing required for a single seating position.  Optimizing bass for a larger area is not possible in my experience without acoustic treatment with the caveat that I definitely do not have a well-designed room acoustically.  Swarm in a good room may be sufficient.


Congratulations!  The only mention on audio that I have ever had was a response from Paul McGowan (PS Audio) on a YouTube video about a week ago from an email that I sent him 3 years ago...He said he could not understand what I did as professor (I have since retired and have spent most of my life in biotech and big pharma). 

I only added bass traps that were not very expensive but they did eliminate the booming associated with the bass in my listening room. To increase bass, it looks your solution might be the answer.
That's a gorgeous room you have there benzman! Do you rent out rooms for the weekend? I'll bring the beer! Joe 
Would love to have Audiogoners over for a session. I am in North East Metro Detroit off Lake St.Clair. Get tuned up in the Tequila chairs and its starts sounding even better.
Speaking of Tequila, did anybody  ever try Michael Jordan's Cincoro Anejo?  Expensive at  $130 a bottle but man is it special.  Just sippin neat and you are in heaven!!  
 Love the coffered ceiling !
Obviously built with diffusion in mind first and foremost with aesthetics following closely behind :D  
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Yes on the Coffered ceiling. The soffits where left from the garage frame and just moved up the cross ties to create a nice slope. Lot of planning but it came together nice and I was able to help with a lot of projects to keep the cost down. The angled front walls was needed as the entrance from the new garage is on the other side of the right speaker. Just matched the other side   Behind the barn doors is access to my attic along with tankless water tank and my dedicated electrical panels in a nice size closet.  No basement on the water so extra storage is a plus. The bar fit in perfectly so it all kinda worked out 
Hey benzman!  It's been a while!  I remember waiting with you on our swarms.

What a great transformation of your garage!  Was trying to picture the olive color when you first mentioned it to me.
They look fantastic!

Congrats again on the awesome setup!

I get out to the Lake St. Clair area from time to time.

Might be tempted to reach out.

And of course,..
Congratulations to you Duke!

I strongly echo the accolades made on your behalf.

Well deserved!
You have a very beautiful home! Seems perfect for entertaining.  Congratulations! 
Thank ya’ll very much!

Speakermaster wrote:  

"Yeah it has been there for years, robert e. greene was the first to review and suggest looking into it and hearing it."

Good call! The original version of the Swarm actually dates back to 2006, though under the radar until Robert E. Greene’s 2015 review.