My Supratek Chenin is Shipping Monday

After a wait of 2 months and 4 days, Mick tells me the Chenin will be ready to ship on Monday. Yeeaahh! It's piano black and chrome, with remote volume and HT bypass. To anyone who has bought from Supratek, how long did it take to ship to the US, and did you have any problems in customs?
Guess I need to get cracking on the turntable build I'm doing! Can't wait to hear vinyl again after so many years of CDs.
It only takes a few days via FEDEX - but be prepared for it to languish in customs clearance in Anchorage UNLESS your SS# is included in the shiping documents. Ask Mick to make sure your SS# is on the shipping manifest.

Congratulations! You are in for a great ride.
Congratulations! You are very lucky, the Cabernet I bought last year took over 11 months. It also is piano black and chrome. One thing to remember, as good as it sounds on the first day, one day, you'll be listening and suddenly you won't believe your ears. They sound amazing after break in. Enjoy your new toy, they don't come much more satisfying.
Isn't that a little risky in these days of identity theft, since anyone who looks at the manifest would then have my name, address, phone number, and SS# ready at hand?
Ait, I personally cannot believe that a SS# is required. It doesn't sound a little risky, it sounds a lot risky. I would not do it. Period. I would take the chance of letting it languish and then deal with it. If you are concerned, you might send Mick an email asking him to hold off sending it until Tuesday (by the time you call Monday in the AM, it will already be late Monday night in Oz), then call Customs Monday and find out what the deal is, then if you feel you need to change what is written, you can change it then. Best of luck. I'm more than a bit envious of your situation...

I sent my ss# to Mick in various e-mails (a few digits at a time). The shipper should contact you if it is held up in customs to obtain any necessary info to get it to you. It may take a few extra days though. Congrats, you are going to live the preamp. Glad to hear about the much quicker build time. I have the Cortese and I am interested in the new Melbac amps Mick is working on.
My Chenin is on order as well, probably couple of weeks behind yours. I'd be interested in your experience with shipping and customs. Would you, please follow up on it?
I got my Chardonay a few months ago. It came to Florida by DHL, I had it in about four days, and I never gave any SS # and no one ever asked for it.
ITs a great preamp.
Mick shipped my Cortese on Monday.
Hit my doorstep yesterday..


Replaced a Rogue 99 Magnum.

You are gonna love the Supratek!

Wow, all these positive reviews are making me more and more impatient. I'll be sure to post my customs experiences once I get it!
My Cortese was shipped DHL. It was held up in customs because they said it did not have SS# on it. It was there, they just could not see it. If it was a snake, it would have bit them!