my Strain Gage cart arrived-NYC Phantom shoot out?

Good things come to those who wait! I have gotten my Soundsmith SG cart system up and running, and am quite pleased with the results.

I don't have it fully tweeked yet, but I thought it might be fun for someone in the New York City area with a top MC cart already mounted on a Graham Phantom arm to bring it over.

I have some outstanding phono stages in house, and I thought since since the Phantom has removable arm tubes, and a standard alignment, we could just pop someone else's cart in my system, set the VTF, VTA and azimuth and listen. Maybe we could mark the settings on my Phantom with sticky labels to keep my settings and another carts settings. Anyone who has done a similar shootout with a Phantom - please chime in.

Also, does anyone have a best method for removing the Phantom arm tube? It is possible with all the unscrewing and rotation, that the bearings could be damaged or have too much pressure put on them - i.e. - stabilize the arm before unscrewing the armwand?
I cannot see damaging the bearing,unless you absolutely abuse the arm....Btw,the bearing is very robust....

Just lock the arm-tube in place(with the little latch),and hold the bearing block securely with one hand,while carefully unscrewing the tube with the other hand....It could not be easier!!

Good luck