My spades are too small for speaker posts

My spades are too small for my speaker posts. Anyone know of a product that would allow a larger spade to slip over the smaller one. I currently clamp the spade in a banana and then insert the banana into the 5 way, but the connection feels less solid than a spade.
if your speaker cables are not too pricey. take a round
file to the the spades and gently file each spade while
watching tv until they just slip over binding posts. get
a cheap $5.00 caliper and measure the binding post diameter
to know what your shooting for. You may take a little gold off the edges but you'll still get plenty of contact.
Great simple suggestion - thanks
You may also want to use a caliper to determine the size of your binding post, then use a good high speed drill to widen the base of the "U" in the spade lug. This will make for a nice tight fit. However, you will need to insure that the "nut" on your binding post is removable so you can slip the spade over the post, then put the nut back on and tighten. Also, if you use this method, take a small round file and de-burr the new opening.

If you are not comfortable using a drill and don't have a way to securely immobilize the spade before drilling, do not attempt this.


I had the same problem a while back. Rather than making permanent mods, I bought some banana-type adaptors from Esoteric. These are a two piece connector in which the spade is sandwiched between the two pieces. On the end is a banana-type connector. Monster Cable (may still) sold their version the "X-Terminators" which is the same thing. Audioquest also makes some which are a different design but do the same thing (try Audio Advisor-I saw them there recently). I noticed no signal degradation whatsover using the Esoteric connectors with a set of Cardas speaker wire w/rhodium spades. Good luck!!
Thanks for the options all. Was currently using the banna adaptors and just wanted to make the circuit simpler