My Sony DVP-9000es is sick, please help

I've had this player for a year or so and it has worked flawlessly until this evening. It had been powered up all day and worked fine this morning but when I popped in a cd a few minutes ago it wouldn't play. The play light came on but the display read "ERROR." Tried a different cd, same result. Then I tried a SACD, stil no play.
It seems to be confused or simply not reading discs. Anybody know if this thing has a RAM clear type function? Any other ideas? Thanks.
Before anyone responds -- The player is working fine now. I unplugged it for 30 minutes and when I plugged it back in it worked fine.
You could try unplugging it for a couple of minutes to see if it resets. If not:

I just had a problem with mine -- won't play DVD's or recognize SACD layer on hybrids. As per advice from audiogon member Dbphd, I went to the Sony website,

and set up to send to their service center for repair at a flat $133, including return shipping. It is scheduled to arrive there tomorrow.
Dbphd said he had his back in two weeks.
That looks like it may be a future useful link. Thanks.