My SONY D-EJ1000 Diskman isn’t charging new batteries correctly anymore.

Just bought new “gum-stick” batteries for my D-EJ1000 Diskman, and put it in the charging stand to charge them for first time, and charge LED light came on, for about 5 seconds, and went out. Hit the charge button on the side of it, 5 more seconds of the charging LED on, then off. No, the batteries are not fully charged. Don’t understand. No idea if anyone repairs these Diskman anymore. It looks brand new! Bummed….


HORRAY!!! They are charging!! I just turned over the batteries in the Diskman battery compartment, and the LED red charger light is staying on, CHARGING!! Sorry to bother you all about this! I LOVE using this Diskman as a player using the line-out of it. Sounds AWESOME! People are shocked a tiny/thin, all magnesium bodied Diskman sounds so good attached directly to my amp! It’s sound really is incredible! And it’s STILL working!!! Bought around 1993. Go SONY!!