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Has anyone used this cartage the ex or the ultra and can tell me the differences or if they think it is worth the money compaired to others.
What table/arm are you mounting this on? Their carts have been on Japan's audio mags short list for quite a while. A friend of mine had an Ultra on his Raven AC-1. I think he had a $10k Koetsu on another arm. One arm was a Graham Phantom, and the other was from Da Vinci. It's been a while, but I remember that the Eminent Ultra came across as somewhat cooler and leaner in the midrange. Everyone was leaning towards the Koetsu, but My preference was for the MSL. I thought for Jazz, it tightens the sound a bit more.

Basis debut and a Vector 4.
I have the Ultra and spent some time with the EX before that. I very much enjoyed the EX, but when I had the chance to hear the Ultra in my system, it was not a hard choice. The Ultra adds better clarity and extension. The bass is more extended and controlled. I would not call either cartridge "lean" but they may seem that way when compared to a Koetsu. The resolution, particularly in the upper mid-range and the higher frequencies was better with the Ultra. The sound stage and the instrument detail were notably better as well. I think the EX is an excellent cartridge, to say the least, but the Ultra sounded just a bit better all around in my system.
I think the ultra is getting a bit out of my range so I may just go back to the drawing board. Unfortinally I am totally lost here and just have no frame of refrence and no dealers to guide me. I am also a little worried about the lack of service for them in this country and the fact that you can't really rebuild them.
I haven't heard the two compared but I do have a Ultra paired up with a REED 12" arm, I went with this combo after going over to a freinds place and hearing the same combo numerous times and really enjoying what I heard every time.

Over all sound characteristics will differ like with any cart as there are so many variables that come into play, set-up, settings, associated gear and on.

My friend also has a Lyra Olympus paired up with a Shroeder Ref arm, another wonderful arm/cart combo. Listening to the two I found more similarities than differences but really still haven't been able to put my finger on it but found myself enjoying the REED/Ultra combo more so I went in that direction for one of my arms.

There are lots of carts out there to choose from, for myself I really need to hear before dropping any coin on such so I can fully appreciate where you are coming from.

Getting info. as you are is still only a stepping stone and no garantee's what so ever and just opinions, I have found over the years if possible best to try in your own set-up or at least hear in a set-up.

Good luck and have fun!