MY Sonic Lab - Ultra Eminent BC LOMC cart

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Some inmates told me he is interested in this Japanese brand, MY Sonic Lab. So let me put some words on it.

Matsudaira Y., the company owner, uses his initials M.Y. for his brand "MY" Sonic Lab. Who is he? According to relevant sources, Matsudaira-san had been working for various audio companies like Supex, Entre, Audiocraft and others for more than 20 years. He also learned some of the skills from the most renowned Japanese master, Sugano-san, the founder of Koetsu Japan, and was responsible for building a cart called MC-115C for Luxman Corp for Sugano-san. If you look for Audiocraft carts, you may probably find some similarities with MSL's products.

MY Sonic Lab not only builds its own carts but also builds carts for other companies. When he worked on Luxman's cart, he met A. Muira, now the founder of Air Tight after he quitted Luxman. With this long term relationship, it is more than natural for him to build carts for Air Tight. PC-1 and PC-1 Supreme are made by Matsudaira-san's own hand. It is no doubt that, due to this factor and the M.Y.'s attitude that always strives for perfection, the production of these carts is so slow and unable to keep up with the rising demand on the market.

Ultra Eminent BC is the flagship of MSL's line. It is said to be the first MC cart with the lowest possible internal impedance (0.6 ohm) with relatively high 0.3mV output. Matsudaira-san believes that as quoted "a simple comparison of 2 ohms:0.5mV and 4 ohms:0.5mV shows that the power generation efficiency of the former is double that of the latter and with internal loss one half of the latter."

After using it for more than 1.5 year, Ultra Eminent BC is a cart with fast response, able to reveal the subtle details hidden in the grooves, and with speedy impacts/attacks. Both transient responses and natural decays of the acoustic instruments are lush and extremely outstanding. Matsudaira-san recommends to use Ultra Eminent BC with medium mass tonearm made with conventional materials, using phono cable of low internal impedance. I now teamed it with its own SUT, Stage 302, and sometimes with 4-ohm SUT loading built-in EAR 88PB.

System matching:
If you look for transparency, neutrality, airiness, less colorations of its own, fine inner details, ultra low pick-up noise, refined imagings, layered soundstage, more musical information from the signals, Ultra Eminent BC will be your cup of tea. If your system is too cold, thin-sounding, harsh, without adequate gain in MC phono(may request more than 65-70dB), look somewhere else.

In conclusion, MY Sonic Lab represents the best craftsmanship and performance in phono cart industry of today and is now one of the cart references in my system.

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Product Weakness: Caution on: gain of SUT/phono amp and system matching.
Product Strengths: Transparent, fast transient response, lush natural decays of instruments, breath-taking vocals, refined imagings, etc.
1) Before full breaking in, Ultra Eminent BC may sound harsh and edgy. Mine took around 50-100 hours to stablize and it sounds sweet, smooth, detailed and extended for the rest of its life. It would be a silly mistake to any dumping decision before this critical period.

2) I prefer using SUTs and high quality(accurate), less colored tube phono amp for my Ultra Eminent BC. Their SUTs are very good and perfectly matched.

3) Ultra Eminent BC is the top of the line for the moment.
Hyper Eminent second, followed with Eminent GL & Eminent. They look very similar but don't mix up or you will be misled by their list prices on the second hand market. Do your homework before buying!!!
Agree Danwkw, you need breaking it in for a while. I have it now running in my SAEC WE-8000 ST using 350 Ohm resistors in the Boulder 2800. Sounds pretty balanced and warm. Really one of the Top Carts.
Great write up

I also own one and really enjoy, I have mine paired up with a REED 12 arm.

For numerous years going over to a friends place heard the same combo I now have and always enjoyed it. It was a toss up in comparison to his Schroeder Ref and Olympus combo which also sounds marvelous.
I have damaged my stylus in transport and need to replace the diamond on my Ultra Eminent BC.  Can anyone suggest a capable place to do so? I would be very grateful. Alan at