My room 12'x 9' with 8' ceilings will it sound OK?

I am building a new house and have an extra room I don't know what to do with! The room dimensions are 12'x 9' with 8' ceilings. I was hoping I can make a listening room that will only be used for 2 channel SACD & CD listening. I am very worried with these small dimensions the sound will be totally wrong. I did not purchase any electronics for this room yet. I am currently into home theater more than 2 channel audio but always wanted a room for critically listening to my favorite music. I will have a dedicated home theater/family room also. If anyone has a room like mine please let me know how it sounds! Any information you give me is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx A. Lot
I'm in the process of setting up a basement listening room. The dimensions are 14'x 12'x 8'. Bought used Marantz seperates, Technics SL-P4 CDP and JM Lab Chorus 705 Spks. Briefly set-up system for a quick listen and it sounded great! I really don't think you will have any major issues which can't be overcome "with enough money!" You'll be able to buy small monitor spks. and lower-powered amplification. The room size should help w/the bass. I hope you're able to place spks. on the long wall. Lastly, since this will be your own "retreat/sanctuary" this should make everything sound even better! Lots of extremely fine equipment choices out there. Good Luck! Bill
It might be better to have dual usage in the family/HT room. These dimensions are small and their proportions aren't very good. However, if you really need a "get away" room--you can do some work on it and make it work, but it's not easy. Depending on your family/HT room, you may want to maximize it's potential--but I recognize there could some other issues there that I don't know about. Feel free to contact us, we may be able to offer you some advice on what makes sense in your situation. You can also visit our website and you may find some useful resources there too at the Listening Room, which is a basic tutorial on some room acoustic issues.
Yes, it can be done! Particularly if you don't listen at extremely high volume levels. Your gear must be chosen with extreme care, and you have to use lots of acoustic treatments, but with proper attention to equipment selection and placement you will be amazed with what can be accomplished. My room is 10x10 and I must say with some modesty that it has turned out far better than I would have believed possible.
IT can be done respectably with the right knowledge, care, planning, tweeking, and gear sellection, yes. It is not going to be easy for the novice in my experience. There should be some consideration for acoustic treatments, and perhaps a lot of consulting, if you're not so versed in small room acoustics and PROPER EXPERIENCED system set up proceedures/considerations!!!(most aren't!...don't kid yourself).
May I suggest you take "rives" up on his suggestion to poke around his site, or even his consulting services!
There's no replacement for competent professional knowledge, skill and experience when you want something done right!
Good luck
i'm in 12*11*8, and it sounded terrible.

added 3 room lenses, and it sounds great.

just find a dealer who'll let you test out various room treatments, as they're hit or miss. but yes, it can / will sound very very good if you do the work.

It will take some effort, but should work fine. Recommend setting up for "nearfield", ie, couch or chair against one wall and speakers more or less in the middle of the room, or even closer to you than middle of the room. You will probably want absorptive coverings on the walls at all the first-reflection points since the walls are so close, and a few diffusors as well.
I have an unusual listening room in that no walls are of equal length. The longest wall of which my equipment sits in front of is 14' the back wall behind my chair is 12' The one side wall is straight for 4' then angles inward towards the wall behind my chair. The ceiling is angled also, a long angle behind my equipment and a short angle behind my chair with a 4' flat section in the center. This is the best sounding room I have ever had must be because of all the angles.
I had a room that was 10x12 with 8 foot ceilings and I'll I can say is it's tuff. The problem is you can't get sufficient room behind the listing position or the speakers. I ended up with major problems in the lower frequencies (standing waves). I also had a bunch of ASC traps, etc.