My review of recent "Obscure Albums" post so far. Part 1

This was a popular thread and glad it occurred as I'm always seeking to hear new music and I am unfamiliar with a lot of the suggestions. Thanks @1111art! Instead of spending a day trying to tweak I spent a couple of days listening to the suggestions. Mind you these were brief for the most part as there's a lot of material to cover. This post could address the hot topic of which is better, digital or analog as well. Vinyl adherents have their reasons I know but for anyone to have been able to expose themselves to all of these suggestions vinyl only would have been hard pressed. Did you see what I did there? There were few suggestions that didn't have some representation on Qobuz. My reviews of course are just my impressions based on my taste and thankfully we are not all the same so if I diss on something you like it's not personal so don't take it as such! There have been a few omissions but it's pretty comprehensive and I will employ brevity in my descriptors.
Wishbone Ash-decent. Bonny Light Horsemen- not my lane but pleasant. Captain Beefheart- I can live with it. Barbara Keith- great female rock voice, now with the Stone Coyotes. Blodwyn Pig- right up my alley. Last Forever- When she sang Go to Sleep, I did. Hank Dogs- a little too Lillith Fair for me. Zappa- What can you say? An acquired taste for sure. Eric Quincy Tate- would be a great live show. Dr. John- with exceptions enjoyable-Clapton-ish. Crawler- I like it! Midlake- maybe. Can- Decent. Ursa Major- too screamy. Talulah Gosh- Too squishy. Liquid Soul- I'll stick to solids. Van Dyck Parks- not on Qobuz. Pere Ubu- pretty punk. John Klemmer- if you are into Kenny G. Angel- Pretty pop but okay. Ass Ponys- Electronic rock. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, music good, vocals iffy. Crack the Sky- Good music but not life altering. Eland- not on Qobuz. Aldi Meola- well recorded but a little sleepy for me. The Essence- very 80's. Infected Mushrooms- not my norm but had to grin, best album covers ever. Keef Hartley- right up my alley, nice groove. Tony Mottola- Pretty good, laid back. Porangui- Liked this a lot, really shined, put subs to test. Mannheim Steamroller-Yellowstone, tossed into Grand Canyon. United Future Organization- nice Latin vibes. Felix LaBand- will have to explore some more but he may be mentally disturbed. Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corp- Hard pass. Joanne Vent- Not on Qobuz. Batdorf and Rodney- England Dan meets CSN. Knopfler-Privateering- couldn't find. Dawg and T- can do. Willy Porter- take it or leave it. Moondog- you are right mahgistar- minimal music. Kevin Ayers- Aunt Rose liked it. Top Drawer- can't find. Magazine- poor man's REM. Gene Clark- could dance to it. Soft Machine- Hm...pass. Babe Ruth- Surprisingly good, very much like!
I'll post more observations soon if this get's any traction.
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Crawler in other words, too obscure even to find. I win again! My review of "My review of recent "Obscure Albums" post so far. Part 1" this was a hard to read thread owing to the lack of spacing and returns also the Punc-uation was a bit odd but mostly it was the way the review goes on and on and on listing dozens- if not scores-of different music without any space between the artists creating an impenetrable visual block of text making it hard and time consuming even to scan through and check the names confirming what I knew from the beginning that Crawler being both too obscure and too darn good would never be included. On a brighter note it was good to find the token reference to streaming because there may be one person on the planet doesn’t know streaming has everything on it-except of course crawler- and so that one person probably got something out of it- always assuming of course they were able to penetrate the impenetrable block of unpunctuated text.

I’ll post more critical writing analysis soon if this guy doesn’t learn to hit the return key.
I recc’d the doomjazz.

Never know what someone is going to like. And it was the first weird obscure album I could think of.

I’m trying the Bonny Light horsemen right now. very nice. Like.
You’ve got to try some Mazzy Star, if you’ve not heard it before. but most have heard one specific tune from them, anyway. Here’s a bit of Hope without mazzy star

How about Edgar Mayer, Dreams Of Flight. tough tune to find on the webs. First time I've found it, after over a decade of looking. Or, Early Morning, with Bela Fleck. the transients are so clean and extreme on the LP that it will pretty well snap off styli or tear the vinyl.

Funny MC, I had no problem reading and comprehending what you wrote in the same manner. I know you employed that tactic to point out what you mean. That's alright. I employed it for brevity or the post would have been two pages. You probably know that but want to point it out to make yourself look superior. That's a common occurence in most of your post. You might want to look into your constant need for approval by others. It is a sign of someone who isn't sure of their own worth.

If you look again you'll see my review of Crawler right after Dr. John. You didn't "win" anything. That need for approval again... I enjoyed it a lot and gave it a bit longer listen than some. Was surprised it came from you but there's a lot we all don't know about each other isn't there?
@teo_audio1 That's why I liked the original topic and wanted to respond. It exposes me to new things and I don't have to like all of them but but there are a lot of them I did. Thanks for your contribution. I'll look at your other suggestions!
Thanks for the quick reviews, dadork. I thought about doing the same. I just listened to Crawler Live at My Father's Place and really like it.  In fact, I just listened to the whole album minus the studio tracks at the end.  Eric Quincy Tate was also fantastic. I'm a big fan a jambands so these both kind of fit. Doomjazz was...interesting. Late night, in the dark and drugs come to mind with them. I'm going to keep listening to more of these obscure albums.
Crawler NOT obscure.. They were on Epic for cryin’ out.
They were no Saturday’s Children.

Good for you dadork.
My advice to find music that you like either build a station on Pandora or Spotify with your thumbs and/or decide on a few favorite genres and find some blogs about them.
They are everywhere.
dadork --- Hey, I saw the Soft Machine live.  They got lots of hype on L.A. rock radio but talk about forgettable...  I think they opened for Hendrix. Or was it Iron Butterfly?