My Revel F30s

I've had a pair of Revel F30's since 2000. 15 years old and going strong.

I realize that speaker technology has advanced in the last 15 years. I still thoroughly enjoy the F30s which I would describe as have a big boned sort of sonic character. Not the best at imaging though

I am definitely not into the hyper detail type of speaker. So no Sonus Faber for me.

If I wanted to spend, say under $10,000, what the recommendations? Don't mind spending far less than $10,000 either.
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Interesting I would personally not describe Sonus Faber as hyper detailed to me more on the warm side of the spectrum. So are you specifically looking for speakers that image better? What do you like or not like about your Revels aside from imaging since you say you thoroughly enjoy them?
revel f208
geithains 944k
amphion one18 or two18

that would be in my short list
Aside from imaging I thoroughly enjoy my F30s

My two exposures to Sonus Fabers in other homes leftvmecfeeling that they were on the bright side
F30s are great speakers. I find their imaging to be excellent. Speaker technology has not made any quantum leaps in the last 15 years.
Interesting. I just moved to a new place. Different room, different set up, removed the upper speaker grills, and while the F30's are still not imaging champs, they throw a pretty decent image now.

Guess I'm keeping them some more.