my rant on new single disc players under $500

WHERE IS THE FRICKEN REMOTE VOLUME CONTROL OPTION!!!!!!!! ok, now i feel better. unless i am missing something, in north america you can not purchase a new, current model single disc cd player under $500 with this feature built-in. what frosts my ass is they are available overseas in models from marantz and yamaha, but not here! in the good old u s of a it's denon and yamaha 5 disc carousels with volume control. it seems i would be forced to buy an older single disc player to meet my criteria.

i don't want to buy old technology or current carousel players to get this feature. i have a marantz pm7001 integrated amp and quad 11L's that i want to mate with a new budget single disc player with volume control. i am currently using an older yamaha cdc-685 carousel and do appreciate being able to make fine volume adjustments thru the player but want to move on to a single disc unit. i live in an apartment building with thin walls so the volume is usually fairly low. i have found that using a typical fixed voltage output cd player with my integrated amp gives me a very limited range of useful volume control. the volume just increases too fast for me. however my yammaha carousel allows a greater range of control at lower volumes.

are there any models out there that i am overlooking that would fit my criteria? would putting a resistor in-line be an option or just degrade sound quality? the used players listed on this site with volume control are all over $500. maybe i should just resign myself into having to use a carousel for my purpose. thanks in advance to any input on my ramblings.


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I believe the remote for the Oppo 970HD has a volume key on it for controlling volume of the player