My pre-amp inverts phase--what's up?!?

On the top case of my Counterpoint SA-3 tube pre-amp, there is a statment "This unit inverts phase". What does this mean? Do I have to do something to my cables/wires/power plug to "re-invert(!)" my phase??? How is this affecting the sound?
You don't have to do anything if your amp also inverts polarity. However, if it doesn't all you havr to do is reverse the leads on your speaker, "positve to negative", ect. The effect of having your speakers hooked up out of phase is a less extended or softer bass response, less bloom and a less defined sound stage. Feel free to try your speakers both configurations to hear the difference.
If it inverts *absolute* polarity then switch *both* speaker connections (both blacks on red, etc).
My preamp also has an inverted output, apparently tube preamps invert the signal normally but some mfgr's re-invert it ahead of the outputs. I asked Dennis Had at Cary why he didn't re-invert; simple, he said, why add unnecessary circuitry when it is so easy to reverse the speaker cables?
I once owned a audible illusions mod3 which inverted phase-just changed spkr cables. Once after cleaning my spkr ends I forgot to change polarity and did not notice any difference in the sound-so try it both ways.
phase inversion in electronics usually stems form an odd number of gain stages in the device. inverting polarity at both spk cables is a fix but many if not 50/50 recordings have inverted phase and who knows how many recording channels have the same situation. i would really like absolute phase inversion as a remote control option. it floored me to truly hear the difference using an adcom cd player at a dealer.
It sure is fun to use that phase inversion button on my CD50. A button like this on your preamp or CD player is vital.