My Phish is Dead Cary it or Proceed to new Planet

I need some help, I am in the market for a used CDP in the under $1300 range. I listen the Phish, the Dead, bluegrass, lots of jazz and me and my boys rock to the Rachmaninov.

My current system is;
B&W 805: speakers
Classe CP35; preamp
Anthem AMP1; amp
Tara & Kimber cables

I'm looking to start rebuilding the whole system starting with the CDP and I am looking for input. I am looking at a Cary 303-100, Musical Fidelity A3, Proceed CDP, Rega planet 2000 or Jupiter, Classe CDP1 and the Adcom GCD-750.

Guide me oh wise ones who have the priveledge and experience

Thanks SUKO
Hi Suko,

Very creative tag line. I myself am a Dead/Jam Band fan and am having a very good time with a Musical Fidelity A308cr CD Player. I find the Musical Fidelity CD Player lineup to be more detailed than the Cary, Rega, or Adcom CD Players. More bass extension, more treble extension as well. That is not necessarily a good thing for those of us who prefer lush.

I owned the Classe CDP-1 and loved it for quite a while a few years back. At the time I thought that it was close to equal of the more expensive Classe DAC-1/CDT-1 transport. It was state of the art in its time. Very nice machine.

If you have not done so already, check out the live String Cheese Incident disks. Great band, good recordings.

Good Luck,

Greetings from Eugene Or. It's about 5:30 a.m. and my 2 week old needed to hear some Gershwin, amazing thing hears music and settles right down. Anyhow, my main concern with a new CDP is live recordings of older and busy/complicated material. Do you ever feel like your Fidelity is too clinical? Plus if you had to choose either the Fidelity or the Classe which would you pick?
Oh yeah, just got to see String Cheese for the 2nd time in the fall of 02. One of the best shows I have seen in a long time, All smiles but I haven't gotten around to getting any live CD's, any recomendations. Thanks Suko
What in the world are you doing up at 5:30AM, and why in the world are you in Eugene of all places. Anyways, for some good ole' cd players are ARC CD-1 and CAL Delta/Alpha. If you want to buy new, I was told by a CAL owner that Music Hall CD players offer simillar performance to his Delta/Alpha.

When I bought my Cary 303 I did a direct A/B comparison to the Rega planet. It wasn't close. The Cary was more well defined, had a bigger sound stage and a tighter and lower bottom end. I also compared it to the Linn and Rotel products but not in a direct A/B comparison. Very good deal used and with HDCD as a bonus.

Ever have a 2 week old? Trust me it's not my hour of choice, But hey cup of Joe, Audiogon then off to work and ever been to Eugene? It is a bit different but that's alright by us. Thanks for the input I'll check them out.


Thanks for the input. Does your Cary ever sound too revealing on some recordings. Basically is it pretty uniform for all CD's or does it have a particular few. Plus what kind of system do you have it in? Thanks again.
Yup, I completely understand. My new dac is less than 1 week old, and I already want to quit my job, so I can listen to my stereo from 12 pm to 5am.

Yup, I've been to Eugene. I had a friend that lived there. She used to work at this restaurant called.. errr its a chinese restaurant with pool tables inside. Hot lips? Hot gossip? I forgot.

Take care of that baby, I know it's hard to rip yourself away in these early discovery days. As far as Hot Lips, hell I can't go there now but I think it is what got me in this 2 week old baby mess in the first place. So I'll pass.

Hey, I know your a Cal/ARC fellow but what do you think of the Jolita? The folks way out here in ORYGUN haven't really played with this Maryland toy, not in any of my stores.

I'm hesitant because of my Anthem 1, but then again that was a no brainer for me next to a nice Rotel.

Hey Suko,

I am an EX CAL/ARC fella. I divorced CAL/ARC because I am into more of a mellow articulate sound rather than that classic high definition sound that I feel is suitable for the type of music genre you described earlier. Right now, I am using Meridian 500/518 to a Channel Island DAC.

I do believe the CAL DX2 and their other one box cd players are more mellowy/airy sounding. It is different with their Alpha and Sigma processors atleast with the Mullard tubes I had in them.

Regarding Jolida, I doubt it is my cup of tea, although, I've read nothing but praise on Agon and on just about any web sources I got my eyes on. Also, for live music, I believe the old Thetas would do a nice job too.

Also, there are plenty of arguments that claim new digital technology is better than digital technology from a few years ago. I compared the Channel Island DAC with my old Meridian 563 which is circa '95 I think. Albeit, I don't have upsampling, but I don't feel 24bit technology is all that. But, I am using the Channel Island DAC instead of the 563 because the CI doesn't have a pre-emphasis circuitry which makes it more compatible with the 518.

Thanks Meridan has always enticed me but I did go for the Jolida. I don't know I think it may be double jeopardy. I loved the change to my Anthem so I am hoping for the same with a tube CD. I don't know I have never bought a piece of gear before I have bought it. So this will be a learning experience. I guess if you hate it it is only a $100 mistake and a couple more 5:30 searches. Take care. Tyler
Hi Suko,

I do not find the Musical Fidelity A308cr clinical at all, but I could see someone who is very happy with a more lush, less detailed CD player seeing it that way. I guess it depends on what you are listening to now and your personal preferences.

When I got my purchased my present CD player I went to a dealer to change my amp/preamp because I thought that was the problem in my system. He suggested that the problem was the Cary CD player. He is also a Cary dealer. He was right and I purchased the Musical Fidelity CD player. I have not looked back.

As far as live recordings go, the entire Phish Spring tour is available for download at their website. I was at the Continental Arena show in New Jersey that had BB King jam with the band for an hour. I would suggest that to you. Any of the String Cheese shows are worthwhile. Check the setlist and pick the show with your favorite tunes. I saw them at Radio City Music Hall last year and they did an unbelieveable Yes Roundabout. Worthwhile.

Good Luck.
Hey Tyler,

It is only a $100 dollar mistake? Let me know where you can get Jolidas for $100.

Actually, I am contemplating on getting a tube cd player again too. I was exagerrating about my "love affair" for my new dac, CI Audio VDA-1. I will look into Audio Note CD players for now.

Let me know how your Jolida works out. If you bought it new, I read somewhere that burning in takes quite a while ofr that unit. Maybe the same can be said about my new DAC....

I don't know this buying equipment over the Audiogon beast is interesting yet uncertain. Forgive me, earlier I meant to say I have never bought a piece of equipment without a good 6 hour test drive at home, sometimes a week. But my selection in Eugene is pretty limited and I'm used to Big City shopping. O.K. there is one drawback to this hippie town. Where are you anyway?
$100 mistake, seems like people sell these things after a week of having them. Stereo Junkies paradise. So tell me oh wise one, what's the down side to this game?

String being the Rockettes going around the lake. Sounds like an evening. Hey thanks for the info about the Musical Fidelity, it sounds like a great player. Running aroung on the Audiogon has inspired me to take a chance on the Jolida. It's seems like it will be fun hope it doesn't get too liquid. If so I guess you just have to go back to the drawing board. Take it easy.

I spend way too much time on the internet researching everything audio and looking at demos and used equipment sections of stores' websites not to mention ebay and agon. Down side? How about counterproductive. Audio is supposed to improve my quality of life, instead, I seem to become a slave to it. Maybe after I find the right CD player... Oh and I got 4 pairs of speaker, 3 amps and 4 CD players that I don't even use.

Oh, I am in Orange County.
Yup, your a junkie! Help a novice down the path of the dark side. Where else do you look other than agon and ebay?
This is dangerous and sure enough as soon as I sent of the MO for the Jolida, the guy with the Cary 303-101 starts coming down in price. Hey what kind of music do you listen to down their in the concrete jungle anyhow?
Regarding audio viral research, I use audiogon, audioasylum, audioreview, a lot of internet audio periodicals like stereotimes, audiophilia, 6moon, soundstage just to name a few. Google works quite well too.

My fave music..... Momus, Tahiti80, St. Etienne, Ivy, Beautiful South, Badly Drawn Boy sorta, New Order sorta... anything soothing mellow and synthetic or so it seems after the fact.
Now I can see the stylistic differences with the Jolida, its that synthetic part that will kill you, try a little Buckley in your diet and it will only seem surreal after the fact.

Funny I was expecting something in the realm of Brahams concerto whatever with the brillant harspicord solo by the flying nun in the London philharmonic. Interesting, tell me was it sunny in LA today????
Buckley or buckwheat? LA was typical LA weather today and has been for the past week. Jolida is stylistically different to...... how?
Buckley, Jeffery- Singer who died in the mid nineties after taking a swim in the mississippi after a 5th of whiskey. Just a comment seems like you might like your a bit on the darker, techno side. Hence the difference with the jolida. To be honest I only have an outsiders prospective from my earlier days of The The, Cure, Ministry and Sonic Yourh. So I may be way off base.
I think you just described me rather than my music haha.
Sounds like you have the synthetic LA syndrome. What did Adam Durowitz, Counting Crows dude (I know it's main stream fluff) say, It's been so long since I've seen the ocean think I might try" or something like that.
I am not sure, but I think he said something like "We're going to be big big stars... "
I was wondering how you got to hang out and stress over which player is going to make life real that day. Hey I was having a garage sale one day and this guy asked to see my system. Upon perusing my CD's he informs me that he is Mr. Jones..... what do ya think do I trust him?
Is he Jesus Jones or Howard Jones? Howard has a nasty English accent. I just bought a Parasound CDP-2000 btw. How is your Jolida?
I can't remember Right Here, Right Now it's now history but I do think he said Adam was a nice guy. Having fun you junkie? I'm jealous! I get to buy a new piece every 1 to 2 years. That's what I get for being a teacher. What do you do with ythat 1 month old outdated stuff anyhow? The Jolida is finally on it's way from Lou (I hope he's not a) Fink in Florida. Guess it may be a while, not sure never done this and I'm still a bit weary.
I sell the 1 month old outdated stuff to keep up with the....

Actually, most of the stuff I buy is already outdated, so I don't have to worry about loss in value when I resell it to someone else.

And, teachers ought to have a federally mandated fiscal reserve for teachers with obsessive audio hobbies. If they do, I'd sign up to educate/corrupt our youths.
Guess i should have done that with the Jolida I just saw someone sell one for a $100 bucks less than than I bought mine. I got a tube upgrade but oh well. Hey is there a DAC that you recommend based on the Bush teachers audio supplemental income funds currents reserves. If your not sure of thje budget it mirrors our federal governments.
I am afraid the DACs you are looking for has been disassembled for parts to build the last shipment of Patriot missles on its way to Turkey. It turns out, opamps are highly effective at sensing SCUD missles and BurrBrown chips are great in projectile aiming mechanisms. Or, atleast that is what the Patriot amendment on the teacher audio supplment guide said. But, it also told us to hide under desks incase of a nuclear attack.

I think we actually have a black/gray market of DACs running around funding warlords in middle east. If UN won't budge, Sadam's enemies will.
That's right,
Actually I spent my day dissaembeling Audiovox 6000SUX DAC players that I found at garage sales today. I am going to start my own internet site Defigon and auction each piece off to the highest bidder. I forsee much of old Rummy's money or Saddam's money flowing into the teachers audio fund quickly. Then I shall start the reconstruction through audio campaign quickly after the war. Warlord's, both American and middle eastern shall be drawn to music thus creating peace. And if not, I enact the secret Rage Against the Machine section of the BurrBrownchip on the American artilery, brainwashing them with the lyric Fuck you I wont do what you tell me!!!! Yeah I think that will work
You don't say, the Audiovox 6KSUX DAC with RAM (Rage Against the Machine) internal memory debuffering system is already embedded? I guess I can call off the R and D on the Sonex "I'd rather die than give you control" oil freighter GPS navigation hacking software that will reroute the freigthers that will carry looted Iraqi oil to Exxon and Chevron refineries to a secret anti opec/globalization front who will use the oil to fund solar cell research. Oops, I've said too much already...

It's already out, Old Georgie Porge already promised the 1.2 Billion for Hydrogen fuel cell technology. He is already trying to divert military and pro ANWR driiling funds to the secret accounts of you guessed it.....Ed Beagley Jr. and Woody Harrelson, Woody's acct is of course for hydroponics- better livin through green! Bet you never thought the conspiracy went so deep.
The fuel cells are being developed in the Caymann Islands if I recall correctly. Georgey is migrating most of our countries resources to that fine sunny island to ensure the money diverted from the american educators' audio fund will be properly implemented in producing fuel cells and not to off-shore oil drilling and bank accounts.

Ofcourse, the fuel cells are hush hush in case the commies want to get their hands on them.
Didn't you hear, Old Georgie Porge just gave the american educator's audio fund an ultimatim. 48 hours to drain the funds reserves and if we set the fuel cells on fire then we will be war criminals, and punished just like any french man should be. I liked his quote today, and "let's hope that God still blesses America"
I missed the "last diplomatic effort" speech today. Well, since we are going to dethrone the most evil man in the world, ofcourse God still blesses America. Just like God blessed Joan of Arc when she led the French to war against the evil British invaders.

Bush too might be cannonized 500 years after the fact.
Here Here, and of course God will bless the other 29 major nations which accounts for 20% of the world that were cohersed, threatened or just plain told to agree with minor blessings for the 15 that agree but didn't wish to say so.

Please don't wait 500 years.
I just read your response to Suko's post. Suko: good tag line. Drew: The CHEESE stands alone. Until recently, I've spent the last 15 or so years taping the Dead, Phish, and more recently SCI. Gotta love those boys! Gotten away from taping due to increased venue security paranoia, taper tickets hassels, and the change in the audience behavior at most shows. What I liked about SCI as the following was still fairly close knit, the venues were smaller, and the crowd was a little mellower.

Suko: I've been looking at new CDP's as well. You might want to put the Jolida on your list.

PS: my user name comes from one of my favorite Dead tunes: the middle of the Help on the Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower trilogy ;)
Yeah the second I read your user name I thought Help is on the Way. Funny thing, your recommendation of the Jolida. I am expecting mine in the mail tommorrow. I hope I like it I will let you know. Hey if you like SCI and also like smaller less known bands have you heard of Yonder Mountain String Band, great jam bluegrass and relatively new!
yeah! I've seen them live a couple of times. Another is a small West Virgina band by the name of The Recipe. Ever caught one of their shows? Leftover Salmon and The Tony Trischka Band are right up there too. Tony sort of mentored Bela Fleck (just to give you some idea of the level of his banjo virtuosity)
Nope haven't heard of the recipe, Leftover was just here on Saturday but I wasn't able to catch there show, 3 week old baby, My wife has seen Tony Trischka many times and I got to catch him at the Northwest String Summit this year. Oh yeah ever seen Dark Star, Dead cover band that plays live shows, there a lot of fun, I know it sounds a bit corny but it's a bit a good way.