My Personal Gift The Luxman PD-171 A Turntable.

On Feb. 8 I got the good news from my Oncologist after 2 operations and a year of infusions I was cancer free. For a long time my dealer has had the Luxman TT on display. With this behind me on Sunday Feb 10 (my birthday) I went down to the store and put in an order. Delivery was a surprise on Tuesday it arrived. I sold my Linn and had the cart a Dynavector 20xl2 transferred on to the Luxman. The build quality is impeccable. Love the strobe window for speed accuracy and the detachable headshell on the Jelco arm. Music has plenty of detail and excellent dynamics. Had to readjust my sub as I'm getting better response on the bottom end. I have a lot of older used albums in my collection and this TT is very quiet and really improves the sound of the older LP's. The rest of the setup is the Luxman CL38U-SE tube preamp. I'm using the preamps  internal 3 tube phono. Bryston 2.5 SST-2 amp and a pair of Aerial 5T's. Plus a small Paradigm sub to fill in the bottom. Down the road when I have to replace the Dyanavector I was thinking of the EAT Jos No5 or the Dynavector XX-2. Any other thoughts. By the way this is officially my last TT.
Congratulations all the way around!
Welcome to the Luxman fan club!
I got a pair of PD-444 and their tube amp wasn't bad too 
Great story. God bless you and I wish you many, many happy record album spins on your Luxman. I would have done the same think you did.

absolutely Congratulations!!! 

and yes, on both accounts but mainly on your recovery.

in the past five years or so, I’ve been told now four times I would not see the Holidays  due to various types or forms of cancer. Pancreatic, adrenal, colon, and kidneys. 

Once it was   DVT, a 3ft. long blood clot developed in the femmoral artery of my  leg following hip replacement surgery.

the attending Dr. said I had a 10% shot at survival.

You and I, are still here. Doctors ain’t God. God just uses some of them and sometimes does His own work too.

I hope the Luxman TT works out well for you, it sure seemd a nice setup when I saw it  as a static demo at the recent Florida Expo.

very good luck and again, congrats 2 times!!

luxmancl38, you have earned this "gift" the hard way. Congratulations and best of luck to you!
this is officially my last TT
May you live so long that you wear it out as well as its replacement!
Congratulations on your good health and congratulations on your new turntable.  I hope you get many years of listening pleasure.
Great post-congrats on being able to enjoy life. I have been there too. 
Nice thread. Congrats indeed.

Thanks for the kind words. During this ordeal the enjoyment I got from my system was very important. Especially after my 2 operations that lasted seven hours. Couldn’t move around much and playing music had a very calming and uplifting feeling. My new TT not only sounds fantastic but reminds me of climbing that mountain. By the wayI’m in my 60’s and back to working 50+ hours a week. I still got a lot left in me. Stay positive and keep on fighting. As the old 60's phrase goes "Keep on Truck'n".
Congrats! Did you consider any other turntables? I’m also considering the Luxman. What tipped the scales for the Luxman?
Congrats on your recovery. Ease up on those long work weeks. Unless it's your own business, don't kill yourself for the man. 
Enjoy - Best of Health and best of Music !!
Wakethetown: I looked at Acoustic Signature, VPI Prime, Clear Audio DC Wood. But every time I saw this TT at my dealers store I had to have it. Smooth yet dynamic sound. Very quiet plus some of the features, detachable head, able to fine tune the speed w/the built in strobe. The build quality just had it over the other TT's. By the way Luxman is releasing a new TT the PD-151. Price is $3800 w/arm and dust cover. Also does 3 speeds. 
Thanks Luxmancl38! Very helpful to hear your thoughts. Haven’t seen it in person yet.  But your experience is consistent with everything I’ve read. 
You may want to consider an Air Tight PC-7. That's a gorgeous table. I've heard it, and was truly impressed. Congrats. I should mention my PC-7 is not quite broken in, but it's quite a cartridge. 
Thanks Luxmancl38! Very helpful to hear your thoughts. Haven’t seen it in person yet.  But your experience is consistent with everything I’ve read. 
fjno4: The cart sounds interesting. What TT do you have it on? Would like an update after you get enough hours on it. 
Kuzma Stabi Ref 2... Kuzma Ref 313 VTA.
fjn04: That is one serious TT. Looked at some pictures. Would love to hear one someday. 
Thanks luxmancl38. I enjoy it, and feel very fortunate to have it. The Kuzma tonearms seem to have quite a following. The tables however, seem to get overlooked in the US. I've seen so many threads that mention Brinkmann, AMG, TW... but somehow not so much Kuzma. Not that the other brands aren't fine products, but Kuzma tables seem to fly under the radar. I'm happy to share my thoughts on the PC-7 once I get up to the 30-40 hour mark. Here again, a cartridge that doesn't enter in to many $2K cartridge discussions. Certainly not as many as Ortofon Cadendza or Lyra Delos, for example. 
I hope the music that comes out of the Luxman makes you smile!