My Parasound C2 Preamp Help

Every couple of months I'll have this problem with my C2: I'll be watching a movie or listening to music and it will just stop playing audibly and then begin cycling on and off. If I cut the power and start over, after a couple of minutes into the media, it will again begin clicking on and off.

In the past, since I am not the original owner, I have taken the top cover off and attached and reattached all of the connections I could get to and blown it out...this seems to work for a time and then the problem will show up again in the future. Anyone have any suggestions for me. Thanks.

Contact Parasound. They have excellent customer service
I have the same problem with one of my JC1. For no reason it will stop playing for one second or less. Sometimes it's so annoying I will disconnect it and let it rest overnight.
I called Parasound I was told they have never heard any of their amps doing that.I'm afraid to send over to have it fixed since the problem is intermittent .
Does any one experiencing this problem. HELP!!!!!!.