My Oppo is a bit too bright

In a comparison to an impartial audience between my analog rig and my Oppo 105D > LFD LE IV rig, the consensus was the the digital end was too bright and brittle.
Some more details:

Oppo 105 > Belden 840 cables > LFD LE IV > Decware Styx speaker cables

VPI HW19 MK 4/Hana ML > Morrow PH4 > LFD LE phono > AZ ICs > LFD LE IV
All feeding into Spatial M3 Turbo S's
I agree with the consensus. Any suggestions for a warmer digital sound?
So here's another question: I'm in negotiations for a Lyngdorf 2170. How does that deck inside compare with the Oppo? Should I run a coaxial cable from the Oppo to the link dwarf and essentially use the Oppo as a transport?
I got a good deal on a Silnote reference coaxial, which arrived yesterday and which I subsequently hooked up between the 2170 and the Oppo. It definitely improves the balance, but only when I ran the 2170 in bypass mode; that is, bypassing the room correction. 
If you want the same functionality in digital music playback, swap the OPPO for a Cambridge Audio 752BD or CXU.Same basic transport but with upsampling DAC. Sweeter, smoother, more musical playback. I have both units, OPPO for home theater, Cambridge for music.   :)
If I am not mistaken, Vitus uses ESS chips in their RI-101 and SIA-030 integrated amp DACs.  Furthest from bright you can get.  Goes to show it’s all about the implementation.  

I have had an OPPO 105 for a few years and it is quite good. I never considered it harsh, but maybe compared to a good Vinyl rig it might seems too clinical.

I do have a vinyl rig but it is modest compared to most people here.

You can do some cheap tweaks on the OPPO 105 in addition to the cable swapping.The IEC connector replacement is cheap and easy.(I looked at power supply replacement but was dissuaded by those more knowledgeable than me).
You can dampen your CD transport with Dynamat or similar.Make sure you are using good power cords on all of your gear. I am sure you are.
Also Hubbel HBL5262I outlets are cheap off of Ebay.All made a subtle difference for me in terms of noise floor and SQ.
I use a VAC Standard LE preamp and do some tube swapping.
Mostly I look for dead quiet NOS tubes.

One of my big ongoing projects is to reduce noise at every level. LOL.
System is dead quiet background.

I mostly stream via Jriver these days from my PC hard drive over home network.

I ended up getting a used OPPO Sonica Dac that also uses an ESS chip (newer version).
It has built in network ability like the OPPO 105 so I can stream DSD and anything else.
I stream a lot of DSD/hi rez Flac as well as garden variety Mp3s.
Nice step up for not a lot of money.
Does everything a little better.
I only use the OPPO for CDs and can send the signal to the external Sonica if I want.

It's all good. Like all of us I am always thinking about upgrades so who knows down the road.

Honestly - stating the obvious the best source material is a key to the best sound.