My Oppo hums

With my new Burson PI-160, my Oppo now hums at the speaker with the volume turned up and when still connected via ICs and on another input, passes the hum on (albeit slightly with nothing playing). There is no OFF feature on the Oppo, just standby. It was never present with the older Burson or the Classic 6.1 that I still have. If I disconnect the Oppo, the hum is gone. The mickey mouse IEC has no ground plug and that may be the problem: won't know until tomorrow when I get one with a ground plug (if they make one) Has anyone else experienced this?
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Would it not seem if it didn't hum with the old DAC and the new DAC hums, that it is the new DAC's sensitivity to hum.

Likely the hum is not caused by either, but is the product of an ungrounded cable or sat system. Unplug the cable (COAX at the wall) and see if it goes away.
Likely the hum is not caused by either, but is the product of an ungrounded cable or sat system. Unplug the cable (COAX at the wall) and see if it goes away.

All of the Oppos so far have had no ground pin at all, so even if your cable is grounded you will not be running a grounded connection. I'm pretty sure that lack of grounding can pass through the SPDIF connection to your DAC - but someone with more knowledge on this should confirm. I know the power supply on the Oppo is definitely not its strong suit. I heard through the grapevine that they were making a concerted effort to improve on the power delivery (not sure when that may become implemented). I don't know whether this includes a standard grounded IEC connector or not. I think lack of a ground is continued with the 93, but wonder if it will be improved upon with the 95?
Actually the Burson PI-160 is an integrated: sorry I didn't mention it as such. But I see your point as it wouldn't matter if it were a DAC or integrated. I'll try what you suggest later this evening.
Oppo has excellent customer service, IME. Call or email them.
Hum is not transferred through digital connections.
Does the Burson PI-160 use the equipment ground, third wire? If so you may have a ground loop problem.

If you have a CATV or SAT cable system and it is connected to the audio system in anyway then the hum could be ground loop related....

For a test disconnect the CATV or SAT coax cable from the system. Check for hum. No hum buy a CATV cable ground isolator. Jensen makes a good ground isolator.

The Jensen will not work on a SAT system.
Summitav & Jea48:

Thanks! That seems to be the culprit. I disconnected the cable COAX from the cable box and 'viola!' the hum disappeared. On all inputs. Now I'm off to get that Jensen ground isolator.
You guys on A'gon are the best.
Dont get the ground isolator until you have your cable/sat guy come out and fix earth ground, its their problem to fix. My cable co fixed mine for free last year.
Why spend your money if you can get it fixed for free?
Not to worry. When I asked around for the Jensen unit, no one had it in stock. Jensen is about 15 minutes from where I live and they'd have to make it for me for about $59. I found a cheaper alternative for $3 at a local electronics store that they say will do the same thing. They sell lots of them and get no returns. Its worth a try. Will let you know.
All the same it should be fixed regardless because now we know its not correct is all.

I got Time Warner to come out after some haggling. Seems that since my equipment is not Time Warner's then the problem was mine to solve.
After patiently explaining it to them again, and with a request to speak to a supervisor, I got a free visit for this Saturday. By the way, the lady I spoke to over at Jensen said that this happens all the time, around the world, which is why they have none of the ground isolators in stock. They would have to make me one.
Atleat you got TW to step up and do the right thing, I have TW aswell but it wasnt a hassle when I needed this done last year. Good luck!

Per NEC code the CATV grounding block has to connect to the main grounding electrode system of the main electrical service.

I've written that down to remind the service technician.
I have Comcast and my system is only connected via the coax. No other grounding.
Dealing with them is a joke. Mostly kids out of high school that can crimp a F connector.

I went ahead and got the Jensen and problem solved! I also have a seperate FM Antenna and I placed a Jensen there also.

Funny that Jensen has to make one up for you. If they sell so well they should be making many for stock.
Just had the Time Warner tech over and claimed he's never experienced this before. He was sincere. I also got a phone message (before he came) from TW stating that they think they solved the problem.

What was unbearable at, say, 1/3 volume is now gone and it doesn't manifest itself until about 5 clicks from full volume (that's about 13 steps higher than I would ever listen). So the hum is now, not a problem. The tech said he had one other call to make that complained of the same problem and thought it might be related, and to confer with his higher ups to figure this out.

Looks like I'll just break down and get the Jensen to head off any future problems. Thanks to all for your input.