My opinion;

Rap, a.k.a. hip-hop,has to be the hardest to listen to of all the genres.Subject matter consists of violence, procuring drugs,and degrading women.I'm thinking many members are on board with this. Am I right or wrong?


On board with what.. hip-hop, or objecting to hip-hop.  Personally, I wouldn’t know..don’t listen..

Why did you feel the need to share that and what's up with the constant attacks on rap on these forums lately?

Rap might be hard to listen, but here's my list of artists I simply either cannot stand or would be rather listening to gangsta crap instead:

1. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN -- all times world champ on stuff you just want to block your ears period

2. Dave Mason

3. Allman Brothers

4. Three Dog Night

5. Grateful Dead

Sky is the limit

My goodness.  
Is Audiogon Music Forum trying to go for the Guinness World Record for “most discussion threads criticizing rap music on an online music forum” and “most discussion threads fetishizing vocals performed by females on an online music forum”??

i was from the hood too...


... just joking.


wutchu guys talkin about ??? Why iz u playin wid me son? ain't nobody got time for dat

@czarivey   Criticizing other genres of music severely diminishes your credibility.

@tylermunns  This is an Audiophile site where sound quality is as important as the artist. Don't expect threads breaking down the great Lauryn Hill recording but do expect the worship of Eva Cassidy or Nora Jones.

@dayglow I listed bands, not genres. I even think they have different genre, but, indeed southern kuntry rock is truly the worst and hardest listening experience.

Terribly hard to listen to. I guess that's why it's been the predominant musical form for a few decades, enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. I guess maybe you meant terribly hard for you to listen to. Not my favorite genre, but I enjoy it a lot more than jazz, country, and a number of other genres I don't happen to care for. I don't say they are no good, though.

Wow, straight outta the barrel.


 Not my fav music, but the 80’s stuff was lifestyle, poverty, police, bangin, etc etc. 


 can handle some, my one roomy at military school played a lot of bdp productions,..and other stuff.  Lyrics were pretty good. Now this newer rap is pure pus,!



each their own, I do love the house and trance 80’s stuff, the dance club techno

if you were on the dance floor, guaranteed to get a ride, the womens love house/techno  , plus the constant hard driving beat was always good for something



buys angry man a pint of the black stuff 


Went a lot of raves in early mid 80’s and early 90’s, between metal shows.

the 200 bpm techno was wicked

Listen to what you like. But at least make an effort not to wage war with your common wall neighbors.

@czarivey You would have gone stark raving bonkers if you'd hung out with my buddies in the 1970's..  I'll always like them personally, but as far as I know their musical tastes were sealed in cement at that unfortunate moment in pop history.

I think a lot of hifi enthusiasts have it out for rap specifically because their systems melt down trying to deliver the bass in a lot of rap music. Just my opinion regarding rap hate posters here. It is what it is ie music. Some relate others not. Cheers!

My opinion: watching white men heroes in movies shooting everything is sight and seducing women is hard to watch. (You know: James Bond.)

It reflects very badly and perhaps even helps understand why the world is in such a mess. 

Perhaps you feel that way, too, since you also don't like these elements in rap.

So why make it racial by slamming the music?

@mapman The biggest issue in HEA is the sound quality(SQ)of the recording. Hip/Hop or Rap in general is a poorly recorded genre of music with boosted mid/upper bass. To claim(a lot) of Audiophiles avoid Hip/Hop due to a systems bass limitation is absurd. A vintage JVC Kaboom box or a Cerwin Vega with a couple of cheap subwoofers is not what most of us on Audiogon are after.

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Are you really equating the sound of rap on a good hifi to that on a boombox?

Oh my……

Same thing my parents said about the Stones and Zeppelin. Each generation has its own.

@mapman My point was Hip/Hop or Rap is not the best music to be played on a highly resolving system due to the limitations in many of that genres recordings. This could be one of several reasons why Hip/Hop is avoided by some Audiophiles. Poorly recorded music "can" sound better on a less resolving system.

A lot of hip hop is about that, but lots of it also warns against those things.

I listen to pretty much every genre, but very little jazz and pop and hardly any hip hop since college.  That said, What They Do by The Roots is one of the best sounding recordings I've ever heard. I've also noticed that for some reason hip hop and steel string acoustic songs seem to sound better on solid state systems (I have a tube-based system now), so sometimes I wonder if that's part why I prefer other music. When I had a Naim Nova, 2Pac sounded awesome, not so much on a Marantz 8b.