My Only Question Is.........

Would someone please tell me the name of the preamplifier(s) on this planet that when inserted into the signal path between any recent Wadia cd player and any amplifier, IMPROVES upon the sound of the forementioned Wadia when compared to running it direct using its digital volume control near its peak. Remeber contestants that the better the preamp the less it imparts to the signal. Keep in mind also that answering this question intelligently would require that you have actually tried this.

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Pet,sounds like you should dump the Wadia and go analog.We dont have these problems,plus you will finally hear some music!!
Carl,Be nice but tell this guy where its at.
Pet,I sold ALL my C.D.s to raise money to get into vinyl.That was 3 years ago.I have replaced EVERY C.D. with a vinyl copy that I wanted to replace.I replaced them for a dime,quarter,buck each.I have paid much more for a vinyl copy of something I really loved but that was by choice.If your into classic rock,vinyl copies are everywhere!!! I have been buying still sealed classic rock vinyl on e-Bay for half the cost it would be on C.D.Into Modern Rock!!! They have alot on vinyl.All of Metallica,Tool,Korn,Live,NIN,Creed,Green Day,I could write all day about vinyl.The only down side of vinyl is its expensive to get going and much more work than digital.But I am into analog and tubes and dont regret it a second!!!