My old Avid 330's, sheepishly guilty pleasure

Can anyone tell me more about my vintage 3-way speakers ? I remain fond of my ROCKIN Avid 330's. Simple non-vented, shallow, rectangular enclosures, with 3 vertically aligned speakers, and a room balance control for the high and mid range speaker set.

I understand that Avid is long-gone ... relegagted to manufacturing disposable airline headphones or some such (embarassing) venture.

These speakers are my guilty pleasure. An early childhood purchase ... and I can't seem to part with them. They have a hefty magnet driven (10inch) woofer, with a pair of matching soft dome mid range and tweeter. They produce a surprisingly detailed voice. Very forward and in your face. Yet capable of reproducing a balanced range of frequencies. They still sound great, even after my amatuerish re-foam job.

I bought these in the 70's for a bargain price from a pretty smart (now defunct) "high-end" SF Bay Area ... I think it was called "Sound Distinction". My brother and I squandered a few dollars in our time purchasing 1/2 mastered Nautilus vinyl from that shop.

I think of these as the little muscle-car in my speaker garage

Any insights ... is it time break these things up for firewood ?
I own Avid 103's, bought them in 1974. They still work, and are not in the best of shape. But I enjoyed there sound for many years. Have not heard of the 330's, but they appear, from your description, to be the same speaker.
Want to buy mid-range driver for Avid 330.
Ahh, a thread about Avid speakers. Brings back good memories

My first "real" HIFI speakers were a pair of Avid 102's. Had them for 3-4 years until I replaced them with a pair of ADS L520's. I gave the 102's to my younger brother and I think they did end up being firewood. Sad.