my next upgrade

I'm new to hi-fi with my first setup consisting of a project 6.1 TT with blue point cartidge, creek integrated amp, paradigm monitor 7 speakers, tara cables, and transparent interconnects. Should I get a power amp or new speakers? I've got 2 G's to blow. thanks.
You should get an amp, a pre amp & a sub for your system. You should be able to get all them for less than 2K.
Save the money until you get a better cartridge. The source is the key.
Are you upgrading for upgradings sake? the question should be what do you see as the strengths of your system and what areas do you feel are weak and need to change and in what way. Only then can you think about what part of the system is most responsible for either a negative sound from system or an area that is a sin by way of omission not commission. i agree from my point of blindness ie. I have never heard the components of your system together, nor have I heard your source component at all. However, i would thin tht i would seek to improve either the source or the speakers. Your integrated amp is a nice little beauty and sins more in the ommission than the commission. That is much more benign. Take a look at the little ProAc Response 1s or the 2.5s or the harbeth little once with a low cost veledyne sub-woofer, or something in the 600 series of B&W or pushing it the B&W N805s. Good Luck Joshua
Tony: Have you already invested in separate ground and hospital grade wall plates? They do really make a difference It´s well worth every dollar you invest on this.
Tony, you need to do some planning ahead so you don't waste precious money. Looking down the road 3-5 yrs what price level system do you plan to have? Right now you have @$3-4,000 system, will you have 5,000 or 7,000 or 10,000 system in a few years? This determines what level components you should upgrade to. Cables are great to buy used here no risk, and save 50%, power amps and pre-amps are a little riskier to buy used (no return guarantees, no loaners, and possibly no waranty) so its a personal decision. Same with speakers, no guarantees you assume some risk, but you save 50%!. I would first upgrade integrated amp with Musical Fidelity A3 or A300 integrated, has good phono section and remote, sweet and powerful, a best buy, check Audio Advisor for demo units. Next is Phono, Rega 25 with RB600 arm is super sweet best buy, also upgrade cartridge. Used cables are pretty easy to upgrade, too many to mention. Speakers are next, requires whole page discussion.....get Monster HTS2000 from for $125, Robt Harley of Absolute Sound says most cost efficient audio upgrade he has ever seen .....regards Sam
I second the power source upgrade recommendation. If you can run a dedicated circuit from your breaker box to hospital grade outlets, you will get big bang for the bucks. We are talking around $30 for parts. Labor can vary a lot. I did my own wiring. Another thing you can do is to inventory all devices on the circuit you are presently using. Eliminate any motors (other than turntable of course), and lights.