My new ZU Omen Def's arrived

In Sangria red. I hooked these up to my Elite receiver and using 10 year old Monster (don't laugh) 10 AWG cables. I'm amazed how well these things sound out of the box. They image like crazy. Very smooth and very revealing. I'm still experimenting with placement since I do not have a natural listening sweetspot. The bass is outstanding and very clear. Low listening levels sound fantastic. Actually, the Pioneer Elite receiver sounds very good (to my ears). Since business is great this year, lots of money going into a future house and a little fun money will be saving up for a Decware Zen Torii. I hear the Decware's and Zu's are a good combination.
"I'm amazed how well these things sound out of the box."

Compared to what?
It always helps to have a point of reference.
The Torii is a nice mate to the Zus, you'll eventually be pleased with that combo.

One inexpensive pointer for now. Buy some of the Herbies threaded gliders in place of the factory spikes. It will make playing with placement much easier and is itself a nice sonic upgrade. I used them under my Soul Superflys.

Enjoy the Zus!
Congratulations. The Decware Torii is an amazing combination with the Zu Omen Defs. That was my favorite combo. There maybe one used from time to time on the decware forums.

You can also play with the tilt of the Omen Defs, raising or lowering the front or rear spikes.

They are very sensitive to placement and Gophers advice is spot on. They may sound good now, but place them in the right spot and the sound amazing.

And oh yeah, they will have a very long break in. I was seriously questioning my decision on certain days as the speakers seemed to be getting worse and worse after the first week. Then I broke them in for a few weeks and then they really opened up.

Enjoy them:)
BTWW, I had Polk stand speakers before. The spikes are rather difficult to adjust. I placed rubber tips (Hardwood floors) on them which makes sliding easier. I will check out the Herbies. I have the speakers perfectly level and about 1/2 inch off floor. What kind of effect does the height and tilt generally have on these?
My Def3's sound best slightly tilted from front to back about 1/2". Amazing what slight differences in placement can do.
The height of the speakers off the floor will greatly affect the bass. If the distance is too large, you will lose quite of bit of bass depth. I had to play around with this for a while to get things dialed in correctly, and in my room, it seems about 3/8" worked best for me. I have them tipped slightly up -- that really solidifies the imaging. Morganc is right on (I actually bought his upgraded Omen Defs) -- they sound very good placed just about anywhere, but they can sound fantastic when you find the right placement.
Get this to tell you how stupid I was. I hooked up the Def's to same existing cables. I ran a couple of test tones for placement purposes. I noticed the phasing test one sounded stereo. Come to find out, one of the speakers was wired backwards on back of my receiver. What happened is that a long while back (over a year), wife pulled shelf out to clean and yanked out the right cable. She hooked them back up (of course backwards). Never said anything until I just asked. Everything normal now. And they sounded great backwards, Now they are hooked corrected, I cannot tell much difference with music, only test tone where phase is correct. Always double check things