My new VTV Audio Class D amp arrived today

I ordered the amp from Warren with the Purifi module and the Sparkos ss3602 op amp, the latter chosen for its somewhat more relaxed sonic presentation compared to the other op amps that VTV offers.  Right out of the box, it strikes me as quite musical, without any noticeable harshness, although few inner details of the music are so far revealed.  It is dead quiet, as expected.  So with my initial favorable impressions, I will report back after it has 100 hours of run-in to comment on its SQ.  
I have maybe 30 hours on the amp and honestly sense very little difference in SQ since the time I connected it to my system and have run it in.  I am really impressed with the crystal clarity of the music, along with very large soundstage and tonally very balanced top to bottom.  I got the Sparkos op amp, recommended for a softer musical presentation by Warren.  At the moment, I am enthralled with the sound of the amp in my system, but will swap back my McCormack amp as means of comparison after 100 hours.  However, at this point, I am of the opinion that this amp is a huge advancement in the art of Class D amplification, very different than my past experiences with Red Dragon, Nuprime and Bel Canto, although I am sure that all these Class D companies have greatly stepped up their game since my audition of their amps several years ago.   More later, but I am really happy with what I am hearing so far.  

How would you compare the $979 VTV Purifi amp with the $150 ac mod to other class d amps in the $1500-$2k range with no mods?
The vtv site seems to be down at the moment. @whitestix  what is the gain of your amp and what preamp are you using to drive it?
@whitestix - which McCormack amp do you have and what if any mods?  Should be a very interesting comparo. 
How would you compare the $979 VTV Purifi amp with the $150 ac mod to other class d amps in the $1500-$2k range with no mods?

There is no way that anyone would know this without direct A/Bs.  I have not heard any other stock amp besides the VTV's in that price range.  All I can do is interpolate.  For instance, the $1528 VTV stock version is not as good as my $650 mod to the $999 VTV (from my direct experience).  There is a review just posted on the VTV site where the guy thinks the stock $999 jobbie beats his $3000 Benchmark.  There is another review on the VTV site that states the $1528 VTV beat all other class D amps that he has heard.  I have not heard the $1500 GaN monos from Orchard....or the new just today released $699 GaN from Premium Audio, or the $1500 amps from Cherry or from Nuprime. 

I listened to the $999 VTV amp with just my AC mods......but then just went right past that with the other mods.  The three orders I have for the $999 amp mod want the full $650 mod. 

When will someone with just the $150 mod A/B it against all the other amps like you want?  Probably never.  

However, with the kind of reviews the stock VTV units are getting.....I would not bet against my modded units. 

Please read this review.....the Purifi evalutator amp in the review is almost exactly the same as the VTV $999 amp.   He says it sounds at least equal to $40K Constellation mono blocks:  An interesting read.