My new secondary system $437 TOTAL!

Hi I've recently purchased MAC 1900 $180 with weak LEFT channel for restoration and re-selling.
I replaced all 4 output transistors and experiencing the following problem:

 For the past decade I couldn't find unit that can attract me more than my main system and now in my tech lab I listen to more music than in my main listening room!
I hooked it up with HK Rabco linear tracking TT/Shure V15 type III cartridge ($180); Pioneer V90 CD-changer with 1-bit DAC($22 at thrift store) and B&W V201i bookshelf speakers ($35 at thrift store).

This system has impressive high-end performance for fraction of price you pay today for same. The main strength is transparency, perfect instrument separation weather it's played via analogue or digital playback. The tuner section is FANTASTIC as well.

Overall invested: $437 which includes $20 new 4 transistors with shipping from Certainly after falling in love so deep with this unit, it's not for sale anymore :)

They sure could build 'em then.
And, I always wanted a linear tracking turntable....
Great you can do the repairs yourself. I bet if you took that to a good quality tech the repair would have been a couple of hundred. Nice system for under $500. I think you've inspired others now to hunt the thrift stores more.
It's combined system from trhift store and craigslist.
Before new transistors came in, I was still listening to MAC with weak bass and still was enjoying it!
If I knew I would keep it, I'd work on caps as well. That would require proper fitting research, since many of them exposed if wood cover is removed. While I do like the look of that wood case, I placed it in the closet. The exposed cages and caps makes this unit looking much more sexier than wood case that still looks nearly-new
I had certainly prior McIntosh experience with other units, but this one shocked me with full versatility and perfection of all sections and switches within one universal box that fits SUPER good in my tech lab.
Soon it will be part of my moderately-powered guest room system.
The system is capable of revealing recording imperfections and overdubbing tracks. May as well be used in professional applications for testing mastered recordings.
When I played one of my favorite reggae single (Sterling mastered) Third World's "It's Same Old Song/Reggae Ambassador", I was amazed with precision, speed and tightness of MAC drive along with incredible musicality! Partially, due to that particular single my hand rose to build secondary system instead of selling it.  It's true BMW of high-end audio indeed!
I do encourage investing in vintage units, because they can compete with ones made today at fraction of price. Most of them have service manuals with schematics compared to post 90's units which make them serviceable by any local tech. I also learned to find high quality equivalent semiconductors -- transistors in particular.
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do you have any brand/model of boombox in mind to recommend?

Czar - good post, normally I duck....
so great to hear you enjoying music so much
the older Mac stuff gets music right for sure
i have both MC240 and 250 and the SS is very listenable...
thanks also for the Reggae referral !!!
vinyl, CD or both ?

It’s 12" single that was possibly hot-stamped
Titled "It’s The Same Old Song" on Mercury cat ID: 874 787-1

and btw, "transistor rolling" is as much fun as with tubes(if you know whatcha doin’) especially in MACs that are very tech friendly and serviceable. there are high quality semiconductors that can outperform vintage ones easily and bring better specs to the game in addition to solid MAC design and built quality.