My new Harbeth P3s. Wow

Hi everyone,

Well, after much hesitation, I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Harbeth P3esrs in cherry. I had all the normal worries - are they too small? are they too inefficient? Well, I have to say they are stunning! And they are perfect for my somewhat small (12x15ft) apartment living room. I have them along the long wall, and the imaging, bass, detail, etc. are better than anything I've heard at home.

I have tried a number of fairly well respected speakers in this room - KEF LS50, Revel M106, Focal 807W, Golden Ear Triton 7, Monitor Audio RX6, Wavetouch Grand Teton, and Tekton M-Lores. For my room and in my system, the Harbeths are significantly better than any of the above. That's not to say that I don't like some of the speakers I've had - I still have my M-Lores and think they are exceptional. I will keep them for use with a low powered tube amp.

I couldn't be more impressed.

Back to the music…

Told you so. Enjoy!
they are nice. Glad you found the right speakers.
Congrats. It's always gratifying when you find "the answer". Enjoy the music!
The Harbeth's are amazing!

Which model are they? I ask as I see so many different iterations of the P3s.
How far are they from the from wall? What are the triangle measurements between speakers and to the listening position?
P3es is probably the best Harbeth. I have not heard the Monitor40 though.
Yep, Yogiboy, I should have listened to you from the start, lol.

I have the P3esr Special Edition (OCC wiring) - the latest model with the radial cone. I have them set up about 2. feet from the back wall. Right now I have the speakers about 8 feet apart and I still 7 feet from each speaker. I'll probably experiment with positioning later, but right now I can't stop listening.
Congrats - P3’s are amazing little speakers...
Did you ever get a resolution with you Coincident Dynamo? Best, happy listening.
Good to hear. My room is a bit smaller than yours (10 X 15) and finally going for some monitors was, like for you, the answer. Mine are along the long wall as well and like you say, it's great.

Enjoy your new speakers and get used to some seriously relaxing and enjoyable times.

All the best,
I've only heard the Harbeth speakers at the various shows. They always have sounded musical and tonally correct. If I were in need of small monitors, they are exactly what I would buy. They are very enjoyable and musically involving speakers as you've found out.

Happy listening.