My New DavidLouis Full Range speakers now finished

The new DLVXSE6 is far far superior to David;s older model 6. 

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Wow! Even through youtube and a pair of headphones they just sing! Incredible, congrats!!

Hi @mozartfan

I’ve been trying to Google David Lewis DLVXSE6 speakers and can’t find anything other than a hifi store in Tennessee. Will you post a link?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds really good.  Much more bass than I would have thought, midrange was excellent, highs seemed tipped up a little, but I am listening on Klipsch Pro Media speakers which may be tipped up. Loving the Jadis components, I assume they contribute to the richness of the midrange, which makes them just right in my book.  Sounds like a winner to me.

You might also want to try to listen to a pair of the Omega speaker systems super 8 XRS single driver speakers or go all the way to their top of the line Super Alnico High Output XRS speakers.

I bet this setup would sound nice with a pair of subs. It’s nice to see something out of the norm. Great job man! Have you thought of finishing the woodwork with some danish oil or something to that effect? Those wood panels would pop. Thank you for sharing.