My New DavidLouis Full Range speakers now finished

The new DLVXSE6 is far far superior to David;s older model 6. 

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well just listened,,, not sure why this sound is not up to par with my older vid recordings posted on YT,,,this YT vid really is a  poor  rendition of how this speaker performs in real time. But it is what it is. Just saying anyone who may have interest in FR approach to music , may wish to consider going DavidLouis speakers.

I was happy w the old 6 w the 8,, now this newer version just bumped the fidelity factor to a  new level.

I was very surprised when I saw the new version listed. I pretty much knew this newer version was going to deliver the goods. 

Anyway, bass is good, all I need for classical music, highs are natural and  rich, Mids are where FR shines.

w your box type speakers there is that break in the mids the 1800hz to 2500 hz range, as the woofer struggles to meet the tweeter, the tweeter struggles to meet the woofer. 

@mozartfan  Congratulations. Looking forward to a follow-up YouTube video that does justice. 

Hey David, well actually I figured out as to why the vids I made past 2 yrs sounded so much superior on my comp vs this last YT vid... I had a  small issue w my comp and had to take it in, unpluged the $20 exterior speakers and FORGOT to replug I listened to this vid via the crappy internal comp speakers,, which are only good for voice, NOT music.. So just now repluged the $20 comp spreakers ((its  a 2 inch **Full Range** w 3 inch sub woofer,,haha)) and now it sounds  GREAT,,well much better lets say.

Yes this new dual FR set up WITHOUT tweeters (done w adding tweeters) is alleverything i ever ever hoped/wished/imagine for. 

I know you are in Metairie, come on over anytime schedule open. anyone else  that flies into NO airport,,, I am 5 minutes away, like 3 miles away.

In kennerm off williams and Bruin , turn at the LA State Police station/Baptist church, thats Bruin, just come down like 6 blocks, on the corner. 

And listen for yourself. 

Wow! Even through youtube and a pair of headphones they just sing! Incredible, congrats!!

Hi @mozartfan

I’ve been trying to Google David Lewis DLVXSE6 speakers and can’t find anything other than a hifi store in Tennessee. Will you post a link?

Thanks in advance.