My New Creek 4330...

Makes a loud POP when i turn it on, even when the
volume knob is all the way down. This doesnt seem
right. Anyone have any advice? Should I return it?

Contact Creek directly. It may be normal for the amp. Im sure if its not they will tell you to return it.
doesn't sound rite - my brother-in-law has one, driving totem arro's - never heard this...
I auditioned the amp approx. one year ago and it was completely silent upon power up. I would not use the amp until it is repaired as the pop can very easily damage your speakers.
My 4330R does that, too. I never turn it off unless a thunderstorm is coming and I have the presence of mind to protect it. It is a very musical "pop," I should add. My new Creek 5350SE does not do the "pop" thing.
The creek 4330 I use to have also made a popping sound when turned on/off. It never damaged my old Magnepan mmg's but I'd check to see if you could modify it for a soft start.
how does that thing sound anyhow?they're so cheap,i was thinking about picking one up for my dad
Mine pops also with Totem Arros-anyone out there with an electrical engineering background who can expalin this?
hi, thanks for all the replys!

to answer in short, the Creek sounds great! i very
happy with it driving my Diva 2.1's. It is alot
better than my old Nak power amp, which just died,
and my newish Carver preamp.

i guess i should try to write a good review, but I'm
not quite as sophisticated of an "Audio guy" as allot of you here.

Give me a little more time, it is possible.

still wondering about this pop, it does bother me.
but, at least i see its not an isolated problem
only with this unit.

Hmmm: Once again, the model that I auditioned did not pop on start up. I would be concerned about the speakers (tweeters) in the long run with anything that did so. This amp was changed (modified by the manufacturer) at least once without it being denoted as being a different model number. If you purchased the amp new, I would check with the dealer as to how old the amp is and whether to there is an upgrade that will remedy the pop. Otherwise I would leave the unit powered up all the time (it sounds much better this way anyway).
Greetings Again,

Thought folks might be interested in the reply
I recieved from Creek Audio about my 4330 "POP".

>Dear Jason,
>the switch-on "thump" or "pop" on 4330 is normal,
>as 4330 doesn't have output relays. It is harmless
>as for the amp as for speakers. Latest 4330mk2
>uses output relays and doesn't produce "thump".
>Creek Audio Limited

Also, I spoke with a local audio dealer who told me that
the thump has allot to do with the quality of AC power
in your home. He claims that good power conditioning
can nearly eliminate the POP.

Thanks for everyone's replys!

I don't believe it has anything to do with AC quality. That would be a sales pitch and a load of horse crap. Charlie
There was a review of an earlier 4330 at HiFI Choice which experienced various problems and then a later review of another unit where no problems are noted (including the start up thump). I seem to recall the lack of output relays being mentioned in the first review which was longer than the first. If the manufacturer says that it is not a problem, then they should know. Like I said before though, if you leave the unit powered up 7/24 you do not have to deal with the thump, which is an easy solution. Charlie, what do you think about leaving the unit powered up all the time, does it run fairly cool?
How you say, "cool as a cucumber?" Really, David, weeks on end without any problems whatsoever.