My new best sounding CD....I 100 recommend it

This new release by Bill Bruford and Michiel Borstlap...called Every Step A Dance, Every Word A Song....Its a live recording made in 2004...Drums and Log drum and Borstlap on piano and keyboards.
Simple TREMENDOUS immediacy and the tone of the Piano, with all its dynamic power and expressive nuances, which also Bruford has in spades....An incredibly powerful and sometimes delicate music, full of nuance and detail and slam also...

The sound is seems to be about 4-5th row it seems to me, but the sense of liveness is very strong. A lot of ambient info also.

I insist that you guys go get the CD...I am almost sure that all of you will appreciate this work and SQ...It sounded heavanly!!!
Thanks for sharing the information. I'll have to pick one up. I'm always interested in what other members like.
yes thank you for sharing, i will pick one up myself, for those that enjoy latin jazz try ARTURO O' FARRIL, LIVE, this one is a must for all audiophiles