My new asgard 2's volume knob has strange results

Got a schiit magni 2 to pair with my dac and enjoyed it. Then I decided to upgrade to the asgard 2 and for some reason, while the magni's volume knob works normally, the asgard's knob changes the orientation of sound from left ear only to both ears as you turn it to max - with no change in volume. Same dac for both. My dac has a volume knob so is it normal to turn asgard to max and control volume with the dac, or is something wrong? 

Why is this happening with the asgard but not magni? 

Something is definitely wrong and you should contact Schiit. Yes, I have an Asgard 2.
Thanks. I'm going to return this one and get a new one from them. Hopefully will be all good. 
Schiit happens.
But, knowing how well they take care of their customers, I know you will have things rectified to your satisfaction.
They said it was possibly a loose part. They responded within like 2 hrs of my email. Hate waiting for the new one, but assuming all will be well with the new purchase. Love their customer care.