My new Accuphase 408 is lacking ......

Hi, I have just bought an Accuphase Amp 408 to match with my accuphase CD 55, the sound is lacking base and resolution, my current speakers are NHT 2.9 any ideas ??
my previous pre/amp accurus sound much better???
If it's brand new, it probably needs some "burning in" time. Give it about 100 hours of playing, probably will sound much better.
How new is the 408? that would be a starting point to help with some possibile solutions.
Well I have asked the dealer in the UK, and he said it does not require a long burning in period(they suggested 10 hours), do you think I should change the speakers??
has any one tried the integrated E 408 with Proac D25 ??
what AC cable are you using? I was somewhat disappointed with my $10K Accuphase C275 pre until I began experimenting with upgrade cords. Settled on the Synergistic Research Designer Reference Squared AC X-series with active shielding (I think they call it the Absolute Reference now?). Esoteric equipment deserves esoteric cabling anyway.
I would still give it more time to burn in and settle before you start to change (even though I agree with (Bob_bundus), it migh be a "synergy" mismatch for you. If you decide to change ac cable as always if you have a chance to audition first it would be even more helpful, but try your more budget oriented change before a "heavier one" there's a lot of variabiles you're still working with. good luck and keep posting if you don't find it right off.
thanks folks for your help, Ill give it a try...
Your dealer's statement that ten hours of burn-in are enough is absurd. The component will still be opening up at 500 hours. Give it 200 hours and then start to draw conclusions.
Are you now satisfied with the outcome? Did the unit come with its own interconnects? I remember my #65 had a horrible interconnect in its box. Looked impressive but killed the sound. Replaced it with a silver interconnect and the unit blossomed.
I have changed the Power cable to anaconda and the the interconnect to Van den haul, no change in the sound, Ill go for the speakers now, I am intending for a proac D25 instead of the NHT 2.9, thanks folks any way I started to feal cursed.........
hi Hraouf11,

any update on the performace of the E-408?

Finally the sound has improved, i started to listen to music for the first time in years, special tks to "F1fanatic" as he recommended Kimber Bi-focal speaker cable to be used with Kimber 1130 Ic . The sound has improved by miles, i am astonished about how cables can change the sound that much, bear in mind that i was using Van den-hul the first and 102B which is an expensive cable and IC as well. I can now confirm with confidence that the improvment of the system sound as result of changing the cables and Ic is much more than the improvment from upgrading the amplifier from accurus d100 to Accuphase E408 which is four times the price of the accurus ???