My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong

I have a desktop integrated, the NAD 3020D which I use with custom near field monitors. It is being fed by Roon via a Squeezebox Touch and coaxial digital.

It is 5 years old and it sounds great. None of the standard myths of bad Class D sound exist here. It may lack the tube like liquid midrange of my Luxman, or the warmth of my prior Parasound but no one in this forum could hear it and go "aha, Class D!!" by itself, except maybe by the absolute lack of noise even when 3’ away from the speakers.

I’m not going to argue that this is the greatest amp ever, or that it is even a standout desktop integrated. All I am saying is that the stories about how bad Class D is compared to linear amps have been outdated for ages.

Great to see new development with GaN based Class D amps, great to see Technics using DSP feed-forward designs to overcome minor limitations in impedance matching and Atmasphere’s work on reducing measurable distortion as well but OMG stop with the "Class D was awful until just now" threads as it ignores about 30 years of steady research and innovation.
erik_squires NAD M33 gets great reviews with zero detectable distortion, but even more importantly, sounds great to me through my Monitor Audio Gold 100 speakers.  I’ve heard tubes, class a and class a/b, vinyl (yawn), nothing sounds “better” to me than my simple, streaming via Qobuz, small room setup.  Different, yes.  Better, no.
I just recently bit the bullet and ordered a Luxman 590AXII after listening to many different amps. I suppose that if you look hard you can find some poor sounding amps, but nothing I have heard across many typologies sounded bad. In fact, I am rather partial to some Bel Canto models. OTOH, the Luxman sounded sufficiently magical to my ears to spend more money than I should have and to sell off some other kit to pull off the deal. I was looking for a certain sound, not a certain amplifier type. 
I have NAD 3030 on my patio/pavilion out by the pool. A/B Simaudio 340i in my main listening room and a pathos Classic One mk II in my office. Love them all and each has different qualities.

open you third eye.