My Musical Fidelity amp died..What's next?

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My MF integrated passed away, but it was time for an upgrade anyway... I listen to any kind of music through Maggies 1.7/Oppo sacd/ svc sub. Room is 18x12, I am looking at amps under 4k with lots of juice, integrated favored but space is not a problem..
I would recommend a Pass INT150 the INT30A would be nice but not sure it has enough muscle for the Maggies.
Sorry for your troubles but wish you the best of luck on your fun search!
Not certain if it's still available, but the Anthem I-225 integrated amp seemed to be a favorite with the 1.6's and 1.7's.
Bastanu, which MF integrated did/do you have? What is the problem? How long have you had it? Can't it be serviced? I recently bought an M6si, hence the reasons for the questions. Thanks.
I had the 1.7's. A used BAT 300x would be a good choice.
It was A300, dual mono integrated, had it for about 10 years. The right channel is gone, some transistors are fried. The only way of fixing is shipping it to England at a prohibitive cost. There is a MF rep somewhere but he's not returning calls...I am not heart broken, while a decent amp, it was a little bright. Last year I heard the Maggies driven by a Bryston integrated and I was blown away...Thanks everyone for suggestions, I will get Hegel h300 and a Parasound halo integrated, unfortunately I can not listen to many great amps due to my semi-rural location.
REGA Osiris

Google the reviews
Bastanu, I'm sorry to read of the issue you have with the A300. I don't know where you are located, but it would seem to me that given the problem (transistors fried), that would be fixable by your local (and reputable) electronics repair shop. It would probably cost around $150, and even if you do upgrade to a new/better amp it may still be worth it. Just a thought. Also, while I'm not completely surprised the area rep isn't returning calls, have you talked to the dealer (your point of purchase)?
Bastanu, just curious about something else regarding your amp problem. Those Maggies you have, according to spec ar 86 db sensitivity and 4 ohm. Given that, I would venture to say they are power hungry indeed. And given that your A300 is rated at "only" 150 WPC, is it conceivable that you pushed the unit to hard? (i.e. ran it at near max or clipping levels)
Gdhal, the amp has been fixed before by a audio repair shop, now they said certain parts are needed and those are available just from the MF headquarters in England.. They have a ton of used and vintage gear, it seems like they know electronics, I 'll love to spend a little to repair it, those are still worth a good buck on the used market. I did not push Maggies hard, the room is rather small and blood will come out of my ears at max level( 200+ wpc @ 4 ohm) plus I have an other gear for partying loud...

I have heard the Anthem 225 and it is very robust. So robust, in fact, it can drive a pair of Thiel CS 3.7 loudspeakers to concert levels (nice!).

Thiel is my reference and they "crave" high current.
Anthem or Pass Labs will provide you w/ the juice you need
for the Maggies. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Thanks everybody,

I experienced Maggies driven by Pass Lab 250.5 and I was quite impressed. It kinda blows my budget if a pre is needed...I got yesterday in the mail the Hegel H300-used and so far I like it a lot..maybe it will be a keeper
I own the Anthem 225 and it easily drives my speakers (none are super power hungry) and sounds great, IMO. I went to the Anthem to simplify my setup and have been happy. May be worth an audition if you have access.