My Morning Jacket "Tennessee Fire"

Does anyone know if this is a mono recording? I ask because of the way it is presented, not because I'm disappointed.

I've looked on Darla Records and MMJ websites and found no info. Thanks.
Although it's not recorded that well, I always figured it was. Sorry, no help here. About MMJ, I have all of them (except the 2nd) on vinyl, but am not that impressed with the sound quality of any of their recordings. The re-issue of "It Still Moves", is better (mastered by Ludwig), but still not great. They are however excellent in concert. 
I've purchased several lps over the past 3 years that I've found to be mono instead of stereo or 45rpm instead of 33 rpm without being advertised as being such.

Just wondering why these sort of details aren't available to a prospective buyer?