My ML380S has static when I change volume

I noticed that I heard static??? when I changed volume on my ML380S prior to starting the cd. What do you think was wrong?

Bill E.
Dirty volume control pot?
Using the remote or the volume pot? If latter, see above. If the former, I can't tell, sorry. What's MLevs' take on this?
Good luck!
Do you hear some sort of soft pop for every 0.1dB change? That's what I heard on my 380S, whether via remote or volume pot. I also hear it on the 32 but it is much much softer.
I think it is the noise from the MDAC as it switches in/out resistors. I know the Rowland Synergy also had this effect. I had the 380 and have the 32 and using balanced connections, can barely hear it when I put my ear right up to the ribbon tweeters in my Piegas. But it's so quiet that it took quite a few turns up and down to ascertain its existence. Do you have the same noise from both RCA and XLR outputs and it out loud?
I get the same noise from both the RCA and XLR outputs, but the XLR is louder. I find that I only hear it when I turn increase the volume manually. I don't think it corresponds to every .1db change.

Levinson offered to have me send it back. I'm going to.

Best wishes,

Bill E.
This is how it should be, this is the way how you're volume
control is build in you're pre-amp it sounds a little like high pithsing (wistle like) sound.
Check with you're Mark Levinson dealer, and let me now.

The T2 from Treshold has when you turn the volume loud klicking sound this is also the way its buid.

By the way a ML380s does not have a pot meter!!!!