My Micromega Stage 3 Stopped Producing Sound

I just recently bought it from a person on Audiogon. It was working fine until tonight. It appears to be spinning the CD as if it was playing but I do not get any sound.

I replaced the interconnect, tried plugging it into other inputs on my pre-amp. I even tried another CD player in the current input and it worked fine. So I have determined it is my Micromega Stage 3.

I think I must be missing something on the operation of my Micromega CD player.

Any Ideas??


...try out using DAC and the digital output of your micromega(btw it has a great transport!)
If everything is OK than get some good DAC and use your player as a transport. I bet you didn't pay for your player too much. Besides sending it for a service might cost much higher than getting just a DAC.
Thanks, for your recomendation. Would you mind suggesting a reassonably priced DAC. (new or used)


Can't pop out off my head too much(there are plenty depending on what you're listening to) but I use the old-ish EAD DSP7000 and happy as a sheep.
Meridian 563, Theta Basic are pretty much on the same level as my EAD and cost arround $300-500 used. From Sonic Frontiers I would recommend SFD2 but this is in the range of $1000.

Try to bring it to any local dealer or someone who has such to hook it up first to make sure that the digital out is OK.

I mostly listen to regular red-book CDs since my higher resolution system is analogue and no SACD or XRCD or video-format CDs can beat it and such DAC as EAD DSP7000 MK2 is good enough for me that I've got for $250.