My MF tri-vista sacd broke

Lately we have had lots of power outages and they do inflict damage to the electronics,some are very robust and have excellent internal protections,but MF does not,they are build in the old British tradition of building vintage cars. Does anyone know where I can get my Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista sacd player fixed,I believe the power supply died.Is it worth fixing or should it go to the junk yard.Any help will be appreciated.
What's wrong? Doesn't do anything? Nothing lights up? (including feet) The TriVista has several power supplies, not one. Does the power switch feel "right"? I plug mine into a P-300 regenerator for its sound improvement and AC line protection. The usual problem with these is the transport.

To ET,
The feet light up,always orange,after about an hour the blue front screen came up with NO indications except dots.The tray does not come out,nor does it respond to any instructions.
KEF in New Jersey is now the MF distributor in the US, you should try them. Rick Walker from Signal Path ( the old MF distributor) is a really nice guy and he may still handle MF Service as well although I don't know. If the transport is the problem you are out of luck but if if is a board or power supply issue you may be able to get it fixed. Look on Audio Asylum or the discussion forums here and you should be able to get Rick's phone number.

Good Luck
OK so it's not the power supply. I would open it up and see if anythings out of place connector wise and make sure the sled and transport look right. Once mine would not read anything, just four dashes on the display (I think). I just moved the laser back and forth a couple of times and it came back (knocking on wood now) That was a year ago. I'm sure you've unplugged it from AC for a few hours and then retried it right? Good luck.

No, Signal Path does not handle MF any more.
Call Rick Walker with Musical Fidelity USA at 732-425-3234.