My Meridian G08 doesnt as good as i thought ...

I bought a meridian g08 after listening(also the positive user posts here) to the amazing Meridian 588. but 588 lows didnt sound right, so i went ahead and bought the G08, but to my dissappointment the mids and highs doesnt doesnt as good as 588. but the lows are pretty good. I am very dissappointed by this purchase, when i try to do a A-B comparison between my Toshiba SD9200+CAL Audio Sigma DAC combo, G08 is only better by a very small margin. I called up meridian to see if they might have defective parts, but the answer was it either works or doesnt work. i also tried upgrading to the firmware that is on the merdian site, but no use. It is a used one so there is no question of not being broken in.

i am trying all the gimmicks, different interconnects and isolation tweaks using cerabal

Does anyone have insight on the issue ?

thanks in advance
Then dont play around sell it. Aleays purchase equipment with a recourse if not happy. dont spend $$ on interconnects isolation ect. Part with it get something else.

BTW I have heard other people saying the 588 mids are organic but has soft bass. Measurements shows response of 588 flat down to 20hz. It could be a system synergy thing!

I fall else fails try a Linn Ikemi!

Good Luck!*>)
I agree that maybe there could be the possibility of a synergy issue. That said, I purchased a G08 recently and I am simply amazed at the difference it has made in my system, I am very, very happy with the purchase!!
Took 200 hours to burn in my G08. Was disappointed. but now it sounds outstanding...
I purchased a Meridian G08 but haven't received it yet. Right now I am using the stores burned in Meridian G08 as a loaner. It sounds incredible on my system, and I had a chance to compare it to other stuff in the 2-3.5 k range. I'll let you know how my new unit sounds when it arrives, perhaps it is just a burn in issue. If I notice a difference I'll be sure to let you know.

System: Bryston 9B SST, Bryston SP1.7 (using stereo analog bypass for CD playback), B&W 7 series 5.1 setup (2 x 703, 2 x 705, HTM7, ASW 750), Denon DVD-5910, Meridian G08.
I have I Meridian 800 latest version, but I worked in a shop where we also sold Meridian. The G08 is by far a better player than the 588. I have many times compared these two. The G08 had more resolution, better focus, more deptp and more authority. I can depned on what kind of system you have.
I owned a 588 for about four years and auditioned the G08 instore and in my system while preparing for an upgrade. The latter was broken in and I auditioned with and without isolation. The G08 was no more articulate than the 588 but HF were a bit more pronounced - midrange was a wash. Both cdp's benefit from proper isolation and are very system dependent. The disparity in observations offered here underscore the need to listen for yourself - but isolation is a priority with these players.
I am comparing the G08 side my side on a state of the art system. Then again on my mini system
Mini system.

Audio Research Pre Amp and a VT 100 with Magnepan 1.6

On the above Mini system it is noticeable immediately. The Mids are lacking, the Highs seems artificial.

On My other System, I am running Triode Mono Blocks again all Audio Research and a LS 27 pre amp

Not so immediate the difference, one has to listen carefully

This G08 is a beautiful and well engineered but its lack luster performance is an Insult.
I even did a side my comparison with an old abandoned 507 I had in the attic. Let that burn in over night and the Mids are better on that machine.

I have a suspicion that its the UPSAMPLEING of the Meridian, Its more like my pile of crap BMW, Over engineered.
Nice try Meridian but no thanks.
I am going to seek out a simple player that is Tube driven. Only the lower base coming out of the G08 is superior.

Any Ideas for a cd player ??
I have CD's I still enjoy