My measured bass response of Thiel 2.3s


At present my living room ( 24X14X8 ) system consists of a Rega Apollo, a Cary SLI-80 and Thiel 2.3 speakers. The speakers are 10 feet apart and the listening position is 10 feet away. I used a Radio Shack digital sound pressure meter and Stereophiles test disk vol I. The 1000 htz warble tone was normalized at 80 db at the listening position

1000 htz +- 0
200 +- 0
160 +- 0
125 + 4 db
100 + 2 db
80 + 5 db
63 - 5 db
50 - 7 db
40 + 2 db
31.5 + 1 db
25 - 12 db

I was surprised on how deep it can go being relatively undepowered by the standards of most Thiel users and using a tubed amp. I must say I really like the sound coming from these speakers.

Not a bad curve either, especially after you apply correction to the RS readings - your 25hz reading is quite a bit higher in reality than your -12db figure. You 32db reading is also a couple higher as well. Sounds like a good set up. :-)
Thats a good curve. I think you can change it if youd want by bringing them out further or closer to the rear wall.
Good curve, you should see what my stucco box house looked like. here is with JBL 4435. ( I have Much better now )
1K flat
You must correct those RS meters. Here are the correction values for the data points you have (all positive): 0,0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.5,0.8,1.3,2,3,4.4. So you are actually down 7.6dB at 25 which is good. However, rooms will always improve the bass extension of speakers compared to what you will get anechoic (manufacturer's spec). That is about right for a speaker of that size in that size room. My 926s are only 1dB down at 20 in my smallish 14x13 room.

Your gear strikes me as a great combination. You have put some thought into and it shows. But the Cary has enough power?

I agree with Hiend2. You may be able to boost the 63 & 50hz readings by moving the speakers closer to the wall and/or moving your listening chair in a foot or so. Did you measure above 1000hz? Nice job!

Dsigga ... I have a WAF to deal with. She likes them where they are in terms of the overall appearance of the LR. Perhaps I'll move the chair a foot or two, a good suggestion.

Aball ... I know the best thinking about Thiels is ss with lots of watts 200 to 400. The Cary has 80 in the Ultralinear mode and I am using the 4 ohm taps. I did try them with a high current ss amp 230 watts in 8 ohms and 380 into 4 ohms. They certainly could play louder and the bass was thunderous. I however, prefer the tube sound and decieded to use the Cary amp. I know this is contraian but it does sound very good. I can't get 110 db with it but at 85, 90 to 95 db, which is loud for me they sound very good. I listen to jazz and some classic rock and a lot of female vocals. If I was into classical music I think I would need more power because of the dynamic headroom needed.

good listening

I power my 2.4s with a Manley Stingray ll and the bass goes plenty deep
Thanks! for sharing- stevecham

Manley is a sonic match for Thiel speakers. Happy Listening!

you have a rather large listening space for the CS 2.3 loudspeaker.
What other gear, including cabling, is in your system?
Happy Listening!