My Martin Logan SL3's are warped,what should I do?

I noticed when measuring the Martins Logan SL3's from a side wall that the wooden frame is curved. Even the panal looks warped if you try to line up the tiny holes. Has anyone else had this problem? What can be done?
I think "curved" rather than warped is the appropriate term. It is supposed to be curved.
The curved shape is supposed to help cope with the beaming issues that you always get from large flat panel speakers; the curved shape will help produce a more natural (dispersed) soundfield, particularly noticable in the higher frequencies.
Thanks for your replys but it isn't the panel that is warped, its the wood sides and its bending the panel.
I used to own SL-3's & the wood sides can be removed & replaced. I never did it & don't know how it's done but remember owners changing the wood for cosmetic change. good luck.
Here's a thought. Call Martin Logan. They provide excellent support and can give you answers instead of conjecture.