My Levinson 333 is buzzing from both speakers?

Is it my caps? How much to fix? It is not the cables. I did tons of trouble shooting. Its this #@#$ amp. Thanks for the help. What do you think $$$?
If it is buzzing from both channels and you are positive it is amp related, then the fact it occurs in both channels is indicative that it may be related to the power supply. That makes capacitors a good thing to check.

However, unless you pop the top and just happen to see a cap that is physically damaged, the key to repair is finding the bad part. Often that is impossible unless you have a service manual, appropriate test equipment (and know how to use it.)

There are also other problems that can cause an amp to buzz. If you don't know what you're doing, get it to a good repair shop. There are some substantial voltages in these things so you could shock yourself. An improper repair could also result in a fire hazard.

Also, sometimes one bad part can weaken or leave another part out of spec. As such, you'd want to be able to test the performance of the amp following repairs.

Figure at least $100 for someone to look and tell you what's wrong. The exact cost will depend on what they find, what the parts cost, and how difficult they are to replace.
It is your caps, Most All the 300 series had a problem with the caps. I believe the warranty was extended to 10 years on the caps, because of the problem,. Mine was taken in and replaced at no charge to me on my 332 3 years ago, although I had a buzz in only one channel. I wasn't even the original owner. All the caps were replaced and it showed back up on a nice pallet with a brand new box. FedEx will ship it back to Madrigal but you may have to take it to their local depot or airport due due weight. Mine sounded great afterwords. Good luck!!
It's the caps, more than likely it will cost you about a grand to fix.
Have you changed anything in your system? How long have you had this setup?
Make a temporary test by putting a 2-prong "cheater plug" on the power cord. If the buzz goes away it is a ground loop problem and nothing inherently wrong with the amp.