My last question went so well I thought I'd try another about speaker comparisons...

The speakers in question are pretty similar though, of course, the audio rags say the difference is angelic night and day. Uh huh.

Set one are Monitor Audio Silver RS8's made and purchased in 2008 and were discontinued in 2009. These are my current speakers.

The new, potential upgrade are Monitor Audio RX8's that were produced from 2010-2014. They are not a part of MA new line of Bronze, Silver and Gold Series speakers. It looks like the RX8's bridge the gap between the older Bronze, Silver and Gold Series and the current models.

My question is has anyone heard the 2010-2014 RX8's and what were impressions? Note: there will be a subwoofer used with them if that helps inform your answer.

Thank you.

Oh, please as a favor to us all, don't tell me I should purchase 8 Sonus Faber Photon Torpedo Speakers, along with a 10K subwoofer and then insult my taste in music. It's not helpful 😀
In home comparison is one of the harder things to do when purchasing on the used market.  The only way to do it is to buy the speakers you want to upgrade to. Give them a listen in your room, with your gear. If they don’t wow you,pack em up and sell them.  If they do wow you, pack up your current speakers and sell them. Or,choice three is, what I seem to do,is keep them all,and rotate them.  This works for me,but YMMV! 
+1 @ rocray
That’s the way I do it. I’ve had up to three pairs of speakers at the same time until I was sure which pair were the keepers!
Just a general note. If you want an upgrade, go big and make a significant upgrade, you'll be a lot more pleased with the result. 

That's the really solid, correct answer, isn't it? Not that the replies are incorrect but that's the best reply. As a Maxim, if you're looking to replace your speakers you won't gain much by replacing them with the new models that replaced them in the speaker lineup 4 years later. Thank you, and thank everyone else for their replies. It was all good stuff.