My Krell HTS 7.1 is very hot,like a power amp.....

Even in standby status,it's very hot,as hot as bath water used in winter I'm sure.Is this normal?How are yours?Will the heat cause earlier and more rapid ageing & degeneration of the interior components?
Thank you everybody!

welcome to krell...

as to longevity, i can't help you there.

Certainly one could assume that would shorten it's life. I am banking on Krell having built a quality product that takes all the heat into consideration
Antik, My HTS 7.1 is warm in standby. I had it in an A/V closet and it was hot. It now is in the rack with eight inch spacing between other components and gets fairly warm when the computer is crunching. In preamp mode (analog inputs) it it warm. Do NOT stack Krell components, give it some air and enjoy. Z.
Thank you for your advise.Very helpful!